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B is for Silence

i stay silent.
as a means to return to the realm of myth... i stay silent.
hidden from view, hidden from you
hidden from all things that connect to us-ward because that would cause me to daydream
like a girl
in summer
sucking a lolly
in the sun
and she was five and free and innocent.

but innocence is not with me - sadly
it's on vacation
went away last year - right about the time i let go of some fears and embraced new ones
these fears... smelled good.
spoke well
and well... boys without brain fall into pain
much pain

and boys with brain let it fly away just to grasp a cloud
no grasping allowed. no more touching. no more lusting.
don't touch.
let's be friends
the end

anyways, i stay silent because i need to
because i should absolve myself from YOU

speak the truth... shame the devil
of course he's not alone is he?
half baked rain clouds say he's fighting with his lady...
at least he has one

crap! ramblings.
this is what happens in silence.
so let me get back to my penan…

B is for Hypocrite

am i the bad man? i wonder.

B is for Confessions

In the quiet of the Church...

Priest: How long since your last confession?
Hero: I've... never had one.
Priest: You are not Catholic?
Hero: No. I'm not
Priest: That's ok. Nobody's perfect

chuckle, chuckle between the grate.

Priest: Why are you here?
Hero: To be honest, I'm not 100% sure.


Priest: Let me tell you why you are here. anonymity.
No one knows you, so no one can judge you.
You come here to speak your true mind and not what you think you should say.


Priest: Then speak. Speak my son.
Hero: I...
Priest: Speak your true mind...


Hero: Forgive me Father, for I am stupid

[what came before]