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B is for Texts

me:ideally speaking, every woman should be woken up by the moist tongue gently kissing the
curves of her body. but this isn't an ideal world... texts end up cutting it. have a good one. a
blessed day. pax. - may 20th, 2009 [06:33:10 am]

her:ideally, a man ought to be awakened by the curves of a woman nestled closely to his body, or
in the event of her absence, breakfast. after which she returns to her rightful place by his side
so that she can feed him. but this isn't a perfect world. so suck it up and have a great day!
-may 27th, 2009 [05:29:50 am]

B is for Reality (?)

recently (ok, today) i returned from the land of Vacation.
vacation was nice. it lasted a week and a day.
i fasted, i read a book (a whole book) and i watched Samurai Jack.

I will do this again but for two weeks this time.

this morning i stepped out of Vacation
and returned to a place called Reality

reality is defined as loud noises and weird looking people playing strange music like Movado (she back it up on me!)

nargh! why toto why! i know i can't stay in Kansas but couldn't we transplant some of the air...
at least

still i trod on through the familiar lands of Reality where bills are present and a paycheck is still forthcoming... and various clients want the world and a cupcake too.
i'm complaining - Lord i'm sorry...

B is [indeed] for Reality.
but whose?
hence the question mark

B is for Truth

"you are afraid" - villain

"i... am notafraid to die!" - hero

"i never said you were afraid to die. but you are afraid. you are afraid to kill me. you are afraid you may like it... you are afraid of what you may become...." - villain smiles