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B is for Cab Confessions

eyes FRONT!

i didn't want you to think 
what i thought you'd think
i'd be thinking you thought.

i didn't... 
i didn't want you to believe i was staring at your nature 
instead of AT nature 
grass. dust. chromosomes... you nah. you.

so i keep these eyes
on the hectic horde of gas guzzlers, 
who honk because "they're too blessed to be stressed" 
instead of stopping to witness nature's sites
and oh! what a sight...
as seen from inside the taxi, through quick hurried glances.

eyes FRONT!

tracy j h

B is for Tempting Fate

tempting fate. for the rising sun and my eyes have made four and neither of us will back down...
now, he has age on his side. he has survived many the stare of children. what then makes my orbs different to the penitent  the arrogant the fearful the bold....
he stops. mid circuit. pauses. at the son. he shines. i shield. he smiles. but i know. there is an understanding between he and i. At last, we understand each other.
i will not go blind. i will not...  go. blind.
27:11:12 Tracy j H

B is for The Price of Sharing

i knew that guy!
he held the doors that held back the floods. he arched his back and stretched out his arms against the sturdy wood and died. to self. died to protect his world from the damning dam.
and when the waters finally seeped through his friends brought buckets. and he moved this son moved the other one son stayed pushing the torrent and the torment BACK... but this one son moved.
and the water feasted on all their bodies. thus the price of sharing me
26:11:2012 Tracy .j. H

B is for Shoes and Satyrs

dancing madly with a cloven footed partner
awkward steps hurt toes
look into his eyes though play with his hair though see that glimpse of a smile though remember the curves of the hand.... see how warm he is though?
forget the satyr's dagger your wood lust is all there is till hell finds us or you and he slinks off to dance with another lover one who is practiced or whose deception is honoured or at least...  one who had the good sense to wear shoes
26:11:2012 Tracy j H

B is for First to Die [Section 10]


As a word, “death” has been used not only to describe the lifeless body of plants and animals, it also describes one’s mental, emotional and otherwise spiritual state (“the wages of sin is death” – a state of being emotionally & spiritually detached from God). Most of all, it makes for a catchy advertising line (“put those past relationships to death; join harmonE and find your soul mate today”).

But there is a theory embraced by both the theist and non-theist community alike that suggests that there may be a body out there from man’s earliest form (homo erectus, maybe?) buried somewhere in the planet that does not possess Infinitas. Religious leaders believe that the body is part of God’s overall redemption plan. Many from the house of Faith believe that day would hail the coming of the Great Redemption; Scientists believe that it may hold the key to giving humanity what it wanted several millennia ago… Peace.

Through migration charts and desperate searches, the quest for …

B is for First to Die [Section 9]

The history of the world dictates that the only way to learn from our mistakes is by making another one. Never has this seemed more apropos than in the realm of politics. Empire after empire employs the same technique; elect a mad man or else a well intentioned mad man. Either one who pushes the limits of Infinitas through pain and human tragedy (thank you Hitler) or one who uses his office to set himself up as God. Of course, one can theorise that the latter is in fact every politician since before Xerxes. And then there’s America. North America. The eagle who is constantly at war with itself. It is as Mark Twain said in his widely acclaimed variety show(“Rent in Twain”) – “right wing fights with left wing; no one soars.”
One of the more interesting developments in the politisphere in recent years centered around a small oil producing island republic in the Caribbean called Trinidad & Tobago. When the British Empire got itsrebirth, it went about trying to recapture its c…

B is for First to Die [Section 8]

CRIME Better than cocaine, a designer drug aptly called Sleeping Beauty is the new thrill. S.B. is sold in gel capsule and contains (among other things) a high concentration of morphine, which (when combined with those “other things”) causes the heart to slow to a bare minimum and places users in a comatose state for a few hours. Upon waking up, users are greeted with a semi-detached sense of being and nosebleeds. Experts say, the effects of Sleeping Beauty is on par with Ecstasy. What with its brain dampening effects, causing the Infinitas to work harder to rebuild the brain every time. Cases of permanent damage are also on the rise, yet many say it’s worth it and would maim to get their hands on it.

S.B. related violence has increased in recent decades. The penal system in the West is still a joke. Governed by economies and rarely Justice. Or so it feels. The penal system IS a joke. - Uno Adam. Searcher, Seeker, Activist

B is for First to Die [Section 7]


“When we first heard of the impending collaboration, many of us could only exclaim “what… were they thinking?!” but as they say, the proof was definitely in the pudding (why do they say that?). this transfixing melody not only proved us wrong but clearly acts as the much needed zip line between the canyon of classical and modern interpretative music…” excerpt from RockSalt Music Magazine – July 12th, in reference to the Handel & Black Eye Peas’ El Mesias Rebirth.

The Movement back to the Beginning – a term first termed by the Mother of American Blues, Sojourner Truth – began back in 1999 when (oddly enough) St. Paul commenced a “crusade” to dig up the sleeping bodies of Earth’s early and more prominent parents of music. These included Prokofiev, Chopin, the Groit Thione Ballago Seck, Salif Keita, Shankar, Makeba… and Handel.

Handel, who drew weary of life and had himself buried. Handel who cried for six days after he was returned to the surface. It wasn’t until the lady herse…

B is for First to Die [Section 6]


It should come as no surprise that religious texts continue to be one of, if not the HIGHEST read and sold books (and digital downloads) on and off the planet today. Of course it helps that many of the writers of these texts are in fact very much alive. For the most part. For example: King Arjun who walked with Krishna and King Solomon who wrote the Proverbs of Life are not to be found, causing many to believe that they are in fact fictitious. Much to the chagrin of devout believers. In fact, most of the authors of religious and philosophical works of literature are NOT TO BE FOUND! Even though there is reasonable reason to believe that they exist. Jacob Jens, author of “What God Meant” explains that the reason WHY many of the patriarchs/matriarchs of the various houses of faith are not verbal is that they do not wish to interfere with the gift of free will which allows mankind to choose their own paths. Another explanation put forth by The Unknown Author is that they simply…

B is for First To Die [Section 5]


No matter how much governments of the world try, the sin of over population still lingers on as expected. This is where Science comes in. Various engineers have devised a way to reclaim more land from the sea by forcing the Earth to give birth to more underwater volcanic mountains. As you know, Hawaii is living testament to how volcanoes shape land, having itself risen out of the ocean’s depths. It was therefore hypothesized many years ago that perhaps with a little push, mankind can create more underwater mountains to ... well… shake itself free and rise ABOVE ground. One successful new land mass that was formed is now known as the Isle of The Ancients. The Isle is about the size of two Australia’s. It is a place where many of the Earth’s greats have chosen to life, free from the culture shocking associated with every passing millennia.
But of course, the planet is only so much and yay high. Thus, a great deal of funding was spent into the successful cu…

B is for First To Die [Section 4]

And then there came a pill. And they did call it Methuselah. When dissolved, it causes quicker coagulation and cell regeneration. It does this by bonding directly with the Infinitas strain. It is a once a month supplement and was created before penicillin. Without Methuselah, growing old may be worse than the thought implied.
- Uno Adam. Seeker, Searcher, Pill Popper. 

B is for First To Die [Section 3]


The history of food has been a long, tumultuous one, wrought with great trial and some error. After all, how do you fill the need when food is finite but humanity is not? After the Rationing of 1947, the governments of the world decided that the only way forward, was back. And so attention was given to ancient farming methods first presented to the world by the MESOS then groomed by the Incas & Mayas. And for a time, the Earth’s produce input increased which caused many local economies to flourish. Nations that benefited from wheat, corn, potatoes, greens and sugar cane excelled and smaller islands began to be major players on the world stage. But the Earth (soil) started to give way under the pressure of constant farming and irrigation.

Enter Professor Abel Kiev, who suggested a radical theory based on old Jewish & Biblical customs: Till the land for six years and let it rest in the seventh. This allowed the land to… reboot if you will. This idea was improved upon by the S…

B is for First To Die [Section 2]


There is a saying, “without faith it is impossible to please God. And without God, it is impossible to have faith.” Thus it should come as no surprise that like man, RELIGION has grown immortal. In fact, it has long since been understood that it is impossible to kill God. Religion continues to thrive because (as the rationale will tell us) when mankind cannot die but everything around him does, the WHY factor must be answered. Enter religion and philosophy with sayings like – “Man may be immortal but only GOD can grant eternal life.” For a long time, I didn’t fully understand what that meant but somehow, it just makes sense now. 
The predominant faiths of the world (of this PRESENT world) include: Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, The Mayan Sect (many of whom chose to be buried until the great and terrible day of 2012 draws near, when they will rise and witness the world’s end), Buddhism and of course, Christianity or as some have called it… The House of Faith.
When the (pagan) Roman…

B is for First to Die [Section 1]

SOCIALLY:When you have a planet that just wouldn’t die, there are problems. No, not challenges… problems. Is the pursuit of wealth and power really worth it? Is happiness? Speaking of happiness, what do you do with people who are fed up of living? You bury them of course.
Human beings live life in a cycle. And after a few hundred years, for some, that cycle can be a tiresome bore. Though to be fair there really isn’t such a thing as an exciting bore is there? In ancient times, certain cultures and religions allowed for the burying of people. People would be entombed and buried six feet beneath the Earth. The result would eventually place you in a coma-type state where you would stay for as long as. Now because everything around you decays, chances are so will you. But thanks to Infinitas, your tissues would regenerate and that would be all. This explanation has been many a help to religion. Explaining away what happened to our first parents and sending countless misguided albeit wealth…

B is for First To Die [Introduction]

Trece, if I know you and I do, you have no doubt found the journal. I am sorry. I'm sorry I kept all this from you. Actually I am not. I made my decisions so that you could be free to make yours. Nevertheless, here we are. You will know what to do. You will help us die.  Love Always, Grandpa Adam

Intro: Let me tell you a story…
Once upon a time, Adam & Eve lived in a Garden somewhere in Eden. Every thing was fine till a snake told a woman she could be God. You with me so far? Good. So she ate the fruit and gave it to her husband and then they both realized they were naked. Still with me? Alright. Then, the talking snake said to them, “hey, what else was God hiding?” [paraphrasing] So the husband & wife duo went on searching. And they stumbled across the Tree of Life. A tree whose fruit granted its eaters immortality. They ate from that as well. And the snake’s been laughing ever since. Because even though sin entered the world, so did eternal life. That’s if… you believe that…