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B is for Theist Week (mid season premier)

Previously on Theist Week
Episodes 1 to 3 + The Break in Transmission

Episode Four - Resolved.

When I was little I was told via National Geographic (never stop reading) that man came from monkeys. I thought that was the biggest pack ah arse I ever heard. Evolution… Ha! I rolled my eyes like the rooster who KNEW that chickens don’t live in trees. But as I grew older I realized that man quite possibly descended from monkeys… just look at the average politician.

Seriously though, evolution by its very nature contradicts the Word of God so quite naturally I casually dismiss it with a wave of my finger as false – (anything that exalts itself above the knowledge of God is false – google 2 Corinthians 10:5) – but the thinking that turned theory into fact still exists and shows (I know AT LEAST one person who would say “proves”) that evolution has a point. Or rather, SCIENCE (the mother thought) has a point. And so the antagonism continues between those who believe that God exists (theists) and t…

B is for Theist Week

Episodes 1 - 3 found HERE
Episode Four - Tomorrow pls God
But for now...
Break In Transmission

This morning (Sunday), I woke up and decided that you know what… I NOT going to service this morning. I had planned to but you know what… forget it. It wasn’t my church. It’s a neighbourhood church. My church (the people I grew up around) is in the East of the island… I live in the South.

I felt this nagging, nagging sense from since last night (Saturday) to go to the church. But why? Why? Was me going to the people church going to help get me my breakthrough? (Breakthrough:a point in time where your trial ends and you’re able to breathe again spiritually) Was this my season of deliverance? (Season:an allotted time where something happens. Theists believe in Seasons – “to everything there is a season” Ecclesiastes 3:1 – A season of trials etc. At the end of a Season ideally the person may have a better understanding of God/their faith)

Right now they’re singing: “walls are tumbling down so let’s …

B is for Theist Week

previously on Theist Week
Episode One - Knowing God; Episode Two - Organised Religion. And now Theist Week continues with

Terms & Conditions (well...)

So your theist friend gone to church to pray for your immortal soul because these are the end of days… find out what the heck that means.

Prayer Meetings
A setting where like minded individuals gather together to pray God’s Will on the Earth for any and every type of situation (s).

The humble but straightforward petition made by humans to the Divine. These prayers may be personal or inspired by The Holy Spirit on our behalf (“We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express.” Romans 8:26) Prayer is not ritualistic nor should it be.

The Holy Spirit:
A LIVING, BREATHING… PERSON (doh get me started on why “it” is not an acceptable status for Him). The third in the Holy Trinity and the facilitator of all things (“Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says…

B is Theist Week (part duh)

previously on Theist Week -Knowing Godand now for episode two

Episode Two – Organised Religion

It happened this way. Twice. On two separate occasions. Two of my friends looked at me and thought I didn’t belong to any organized religion. On both occasions, they admitted that “I know you’re very spiritual and you believe in God but I didn’t think you subscribed to any… organized religion.” I went to a prayer meeting.

Oh God! What was I doing wrong? Now. As if I didn’t have enough neurosis springing up healthily in its fertile ground, now I have to wonder WHY my life, my… light… was not a reflection of religion or more pointedly, the religion I DO subscribe to.

Man, I hate that word. Religion. It makes me cringe sometimes. People do things in the name of religion. Once, I had an idea for a comic book where one of the lead villains was the Re Legion (religion). I thought that was a lil wrong even for me so I abandoned it. but he (they/it) would’ve looked real bad! I prefer FAITH.

So here I wa…

B is for Theist Week

Episode One - Knowing God

How bout this: all peoples are going to Heaven. Well, not ALL peoples. I’d probably blow the proverbial fuse if I saw Hitler there or the guy who built half my cupboards for that matter. Still, all people could go to Heaven. I believe that Hindus, Moslems, Christians, Buddhists and Americans will bounce each other up there and say: “buh a-a! You here?” Even the Atheists will be there. No. Not to receive the lightening bolt of Zeus, but to BE… THERE.("Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart." 1 Samuel 16:7)

Why do I say that? What makes us common?
This: - in every group/faith/community are a people…within a people who want to know God. They search; they yearn; they rebel but they return to this wanting of Who God Is/If God Is. I think the Father of all would honor that.

Wait. Wait. Let’s back that up some. Atheists?
Indulge my presumption but I believe that atheists could be the lost disciples and no.. not of Judas either. I…

B is for Casual Thoughts

a lil after 6 this morning...

1. i want to know her... like her Rakhi knows her

2. serendipity is wasted on the stupid

3. "why won't you talk to her?"
"because i'm an idiot."
"yes, but you're also a boy. go hunt!"

some weeks earlier....

1. is there healing in your bed? i should go to the temple... but i'm tired.

2. i would tie a cloud to your feet to make you stay at my side in heaven. but why suffer you to a hell of
my own design?

pax 4 now.

B is for Indignation (for Haiti)

Shame. Shame! Shame! Shame!
This morning I was going to do one of my other rants but after seeing the goodly Pat Robertson speak about the evil that is Haiti I decided to vent my windows a bit.

For those of you who haven’t seen CNN or perhaps, don’t have Theist friends, you probably aren’t aware that Mr. Robertson said that "They (Haitians) were under the heel of the French...and they got together and swore a pact to the devil. They said 'We will serve you'...and so, the devil said 'Okay, it's a deal' and kicked the French out," – source:

Now as a Theist myself. No, wait. Let’s make it personal. As a Christian…. A Believer in Jesus Christ… there are some thing I believe in that the whole world doesn’t and I’m more or less fine with that. I for example DO BELIEVE that there is such a thing called EVIL and it IS headed by a very powerful being/angel/seraph/person who (by the way) does not parade with a pitch fork. That’s what I believe. Now if t…

B is for Studioratmaarts

interestingly, just yesterday i was watching an ad called "STAG Soundsplash"
the music was created by some nice people at a place called "Random Design Studios".
the ad was shot there as well.

it's funny, i remember feeling alive during that day.
it was a good day.
that was a good ad.
Random made [makes] great music
of course, there was a hot indian girl there, whose scent was completely spell-minding.
she does good work too.

Random Designs is headed [or is it "is head" - jeez English!] by the young man, humans call Maarten Manmohan. He's a vey talented music producer-slash-audio engineer and now... he's a blogger.

Follow the yellow brick link HERE.
you will find the start of something new from a young man who is quite bright and who will have quite bright things to say.

how do i know this? i'mmm an indian [sesame street humor. classic]
the video may look lil choppy but the audio is still... shall we say... BESS!

B is for The Teats of Life

Season One - a phrase entered tracy's mind

Season Two - tracy randomly uses it in the office. especially on bad poetry days (daze)

Season Three - tracy takes a shower when suddenly (and without warning) a thought hits him

Season Four - tracy makes an audio commentary called "suck on the teats of life"
co-star darren cheewah suggests it be called "holy cow".
tracy lends himself to the suggestion.

B is for 2010

should all acquaintance be for-got is a ball of twine.
should all acquaintance be for-got and is a ball of twine

my wish for you is this:
that your candle shine brightly in the world
but should your light go out, i pray that your eyes will see in the dark
and the night, be as day unto you.

Christ's Blessings for YOUR 2010