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B is for Dress Sense (or shaddup and love yuh tight pants)

I love how society (and by extension the gate keepers of paradise) flinches every time dress sense spits and sputters a new design aesthetic. Shock, awe… OUTRAGE erupts. Next comes the obvious branding exercise; the need to link everything to evil. Not to say there isn’t evil in the world (more on that later) but why, quite WHY must the first association be change = evil, when change is part of the human process?
First we ran naked, then came fig leaves (actually they were "garments of skin for Adam and his wife" - Genesis 3:21 - how we get fig leaves i eh know), then came the seasons of skirts and robes. For men eh. Then dress sense pushed forward into full blown pants, giving men the opportunity to declare that he who wears the pants rules the world. A woman was no longer a woman (Was she ever? No body knows) but a skirt (hey watch that show with those dudes from the 60’s ad firm). Great…
Then after spit and sputters, dress sense pushed again, leading us to…. Black culture, …

B is for The League of Extraordinary Cutlasses

So Facebook is mourning. Why? A child was snuffed out. How does modern man respond? By blacking out their profile picture.
So Facebook is mourning. Why? Crime has reached intolerable levels for the people of a twin island republic. How does civilized, contemporary society respond? By copying and pasting stern status updates. WE WILL NOT TAKE THIS! SEND A STRONG MESSAGE! COPY AND PASTE THIS ON YOUR STATUS IF YOU WANT A CHANGE!
Not denying that social media has its power. After all, just yesterday I read of a man who – in honor of Facebook’s role in the Egyptian Revolution – named his first child, Facebook. We do not deny that Youtube and the Twitter was a beacon for Tehran, but do note, these social media enterprises merely acted as a catapult for an already serious war on injustice. My people however… are not that serious.
Thus I have decided on a far more satisfying approach. Ladies and Wilderbeasts, I give you, The League of Extraordinary Cutlasses. An organization geared towards the p…

B is for Delusionary

Recently I posted this status on faceboys – “if life does not suck, how else will you know you’re alive?” – the premise being that when good, REALLY GOOD things abound, mankind tends to think their lives are in Utopia. “Feels like Heaven” or “This MUST be Heaven” because things are flowing exactly the way they want it to.
Reminds me of the typical Theist response to bad things happening to good people – “If bad things didn’t happen, how would you know that God is good/God can work it out?” I would remind them to look at Eden (pre-fruit drama) God was good and EVERYTHING…. EVERY THING was just fine. In fact the exact words the Bible uses are “And God saw that that it was good…” but it is amazing to me (actually, maybe not), the things we have to say to get by in our normal day to day trudging; to make sense of unmitigated crap in our lives.
Not that it isn’t warranted… this delusionary process. Can you imagine walking through a life where everybody accepts/comes to terms with the fact tha…

B is for Vengeance

On the night of my birthday i was at home instead of at the stadium where i was SUPPOSED to be to see Far East Movement and Maroon 5. I won't go into much details but today as i stood in the office making me a cup of Lipton and listening to Like a G6 it hits me how MUCH the actions of others affect what happens to you. 
i am pissed. it have finally dawned on me that i missed FAR EAST MOVEMENT AND MAROON 5. i told a friend of mine that i'm not too worried since i planned to travel, so i could just link Maroon's website and voila! fly to their next concert. who am i kidding....
i ended the year in debt because the things that were SUPPOSED to be coming through, didn't - typical third world business ethic.
i watched my mother move in physical pain and emotion pain because once again we have been taken advantaged of. By family, By stupid people, By the contractor who took a year and a spear and a few threats before he brought the kitchen cupboards i STUPIDLY paid for up front.…

B is for One Phone Call

End of last year i embarked on a new project to keep my mind occupied while i worked on my BIG DEAL PROJECT [that one... involves magic fruit trees... no really, it's actually good]. i called this project "Three Text Maximum" because that is all the message space my phone holds. truthfully, this is nothing new as i often write my pieces, my jingles, my copy, and even short stories on the phone [the joy of prepaid - why put credit when you can text work to yourself].
Three Text Maximum turned out to be a bit of a catharsis - end of year is usually viewed by me with joy and vehement loathing - and i'm glad i was able to push it all out. later on this year, you will see the fruits of that project.
THIS PIECE however was is a heights case for me. i shall say this much - iMovie HD's sound effects give me wicked inspiration. i will also say that though this is rough [the random song attachment] i feel it carries the mood i want and as such, when the project is completed …

The Ex

My soul. I always wondered how I would introduce you to the world. My wife, my girl, my god My pen, my passion, the ease of my frustration Saul’s harpist, my high priestess The light at the end of the end Best friend
Funny though, my mind always returned To “ex”
December 25, 2010 The Ex Three Text Maximum © tracy j h