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B is for Trash...

why do we have black garbage bags?we have it to protect our we are getting rid of waste that can do NOTHING for our lives... or theirs.but we tightly and sometimes under the cover of darknesscarry our waste to be destroyed inblack...garbage...bags.shhh... no body has to know.

B is for Recap

Ending the week with a recap. Come laugh a little. Think a little. Enjoy a little audio commentary [with a hint of video]:
for some reason, it takes a little while to load (blame technology)

B is for"Fear Flies"

B is for"PennyWise [in hell]"

Vegetarianism (The Catharsis Experiment)

B is for "Perception"

B is for "Texts"

B is for"Honesty (a political parody ad)"

B is for"Friends & Allies"

Telepathy (The Catharsis Experiment)

B is for Prayer

Be mindful of me oh Lord
Help me to be mindful of You
This Life was created to praise you
This Day was meant to bless you
Be mindful of me oh Lord
Help me to be mindful of You.

B is for Tornado (01)

March into your tornado
Or else bow reverently as it sweeps you up
and carries
and carries
far far far far far far far
far away
to the place you always wanted
but were scared to ask
until you did
and "it" responded
with "of course"
just cover your face though.
no need to have the flying earth choke you before you get there

tracy j h

B is for Point

at what point do you stop beating a dead horse, HOPING it raises from the grateful dead?
at what point?

when i wrote kill it till it dead i knew EXACTLY what i meant. (and yes, -iChuckle- God knows it should be produced properly by real artistes but hey, i get a song in my head... i'll record it!) well one would hope. the thing is, we live FOR the past. FOR...IT! like me, holding on to a thin string, trying to resolve:
A - why i can't free myself of her (or rather, why i WON'T free myself because i don't believe in can't)
B - why i expect... something to happen. surely if the universe had deemed that we be together we would have.

what's left is a series of "what if i had", "and clearly she" and other such arse...ery when honestly i should just perish the thought with my dead jeans and move the heck on.
so again: at what point do you stop beating a dead horse, HOPING it raises from the grateful dead?
at what point?

B is for New Single

IT'S HERE! THE WORLDWIDE PREMIER OF "Kill it till it dead" the new single from half dead Cadavers' Front Man: Tracy j Hutchings is finally out. This is a follow up to his smash title track, "Dance Puny Mortals! Dance!" (see it here) from the album of the same name.

This song is so organic and according to Tracy J H "happened so fluidly, it was as if the song produced itself." Here now is "Kill it till it dead!" by Tracy J Hutchings of those Half Dead Cadavers. Pax.

B is for Genuine Thoughts...

watch me then...

read me...
i don't get these girls. both of them. running round with these little boys. when they need to start walking. with gods! not saying i am. but still. in the very least. we are priests. trying to treat with our resident vestals. the way they should be treated. pax

genuine tracy thoughts will now be added to B is for Stealing. from time to time they will accompany written posts while the audio commentary is being built.

B is for Fully Formed

when a thought is fully formed, it leaves the mind and journeys to the brain. in essence, it sheds the ethereal for the physical. this fully formed thought is about the size of a snowflake. or a mustard seed. but it can grow into a tree of protection. or a vine that chokes.

just a thought :-)
genuine tracy thought © 04:03: 2010

B is for 00:14:11 am

sometime round midnight(00:14:11 am)

the body of my addiction craves a fix.
but i affix my self to
oh to die like a junkiewith the body of my addiction fitting tightly next to me.

genuine tracy thought ©03:02:2010