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B is for Safe Space

As i type this "piece", Bjork's Hidden Place comes to mind, so here it is, "Hidden Place" and then my work underneath. Blessings.

"I'm so close to tears and so close to simply calling you up and simply suggesting, we go to that hidden place, that we go to hidden place" - BJORK

i wanted to crawl into a small space a safe space with you and hibernate till the danger had past till Winter gave way to warmer ideologies and the world became safe for both of us
but sanctuary is occupied so maybe we just... we just stand here and die together in the cold tongues and fingers frozen in Nature's mind.
Tracy j Hutchings Dec 27th, 2012

B is for the Mother-Neck Bird Saves Christmas

*Dear Friends... there IS an audio recording of this. it's rough but it is all yours for the listening pleasure. message me and the mp3 will be yours [most of you know how to reach me anyways]

The mother-neck bird flies high and higher
From its incessant song, it does not retire Which would be fine on any other day But it’s Christmas, and I want to spend it my own way! With glad tidings told to my bed And not a chip, chip CHIRP… all around my head.
"Listen mother-neck bird" – I said "If you do not stop this singing, yuh go surely dead!" Alas the bird was hard of hearing And while I should be more caring The fact remains, it’s an unholy hour So you keep chirping, I’ll make plans to devour
Perhaps the fault lay with me, If I hadn’t drunk so much, I wouldn’t have to get up so much to pee But the mother-neck bird does not care About the fact that I had one more beer.
Hmmm! Beer batter. Beer batter! It makes fish and poultry tastes all the more better So off to the kitchen, with hast…

B is for Peace on [and in] Earth

* I was asked to read a piece of poetry [let's call it that] today in Church [Sunday 16th, December] based on the day's theme - "God Dwells With Us". I wrote this - Peace on [and in] Earth. I'm not talking about the big blue orb [or little blue orb actually] but mankind. The account in Genesis says, that man was crafted from Dirt. Dirt is another word for "Earth" [so says Mac Thesaurus]. So when we say, The Our Father Prayer for example, and recite "... on Earth as it is in Heaven", we [should] make it personal because we understand that Adam came from said dirt/earth. Let your will be done in us [earth] as it is in Heaven. Incidentally, I've been wondering WHY DIRT? Couldn't God make us from Tree Bark? Dirt is pliable - yes but... it's soft and can be molded into anything - which was probably the point but Dirt is also fragile and if my life is anything to go by, Dirt can crumble in hands..... STILL, here it is Peace on earth; co-…

B is for Love at The End of the World

*for Maya N.

i wanted to give you something
wonderful and strange
misguided and deadly...
two boys dancing slowly 'round the Savannah
in between a people who know nothing about anything.

i wanted to wrap you
in security and contentment
irritability and the hopelessness
of sharing a heart and a bed littered with flames.

i... i don't mean to be so disconcerting
it IS Friday after all.
i'm just window shopping.
watching lives on display, at this, the last sales event before the end of the world.

Tracy j H

B is for A Bullet on the Water (an ode to Deep Cotton)

*This is what happens when you spend the day with DEEP COTTON [click for link]on repeat. Then, while standing for a taxi, some shmoe's cigarette smoke whistled in my direction. I already have a lung problem, now second hand smoke? I don't think so.
Stand behind the dragon but i still felt his breath. It's the second hand killing that i know is the best. It's the sulfur in his breath, the methane in his eyes. It's the sickness that I pardon, so I can feel the lies.
Stand behind the dragon, does he know that i'm there? At this point of our existence, does he care if i care? Put a bullet on the water, see how it runs! I WILL CATCH IT WITH THESE FINGERS, MAKE IT A GUN!
Let him breath, let him breath Let him hear me cough. Let him beg, let him beg But it won't be enough
Put a bullet on the water, see how it runs! I WILL CATCH IT WITH THESE FINGERS, MAKE IT A GUN!

Let him turn his gaze toward me; doesn't he know? That what is on my chest will soon within him explode? So sorry…