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B is for Sati's Daughter

No fraternization between gods!
You stay on your side... and I on mine
And ideally... ideally we should be fine.
But I have seen the daughter of Sati
My life is wrapped up in the folds of her hair

To be clear, i have no interest in her Mother
My Father has proven enough for me
Yet frequently I seek out her stories
Sitting on a tongue that sailed the ocean
Resting in palms that mirror mine to pray

This is where it all falls down again
Down the folds of a sari
Into the navel of the daughters of Sati
Where I often thought of burying my head.

Not that there's a difference with Buddha's Warrior Women
Or... even the sons of Darwin
He, who long since hid all the gods in a closet with last year's winter clothes.

But it's always been her, hasn't it?
The writer, the musician, the virtuous one.... The Same.
And me trying to remind myself to LEAVE-PEOPLE-GIRL CHIL'-ALONE!
Sati's daughter
When my own cousins should have caught my eye.

The hall monitor screams: "No fraternizing betwee…