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B is for Dols

i performed this to some fellow monotheists and i asked them, how many personal gods do you have? no that might seem silly to someone (s) who claim to believe in a One God but every day each of us carry around these things: worry, worry of money, rage, rage, philosophy, fear, randomness. and these things we pay obeisance and hold high. they are our gods the dols we carry. this piece is called "The Burden of Dols". pax. 
Human hands grow weary of carrying gods And even among my people… we just tired. I was told, “in the beginning was the Word and the Word was God” But somehow the singular became plural. And heavy. When did G-O-D spell out philosophy? Questions without comfort For an answer is like a thousand questions And a thousand questions…
And the Hope of Hopes says, “Here’s a novel truth, let ME carry YOU.” Oh, but we’ve been carrying these Dols for so long That when the Hope of Hopes speaks, we think it’s a hoax! So while we question this new reality, We carry Philosophy on our bac…

B is for Education (attitudes towards...)

"yuh sitting down in front that tv all day! why yuh doh pick up a book? yuh want to pick up garbage all yuh life?"

I think it's time that parents and teachers change their approach to their children's attitude towards education. so the child likes to watch TV - how bout informing the child "you know, you could write a tv show one day, maybe we should learn our English a little more aye?"; so the child likes video games - how bout showing them that they could create their own some day if they apply themselves to... Mathematics. or IT. what good does it serve to pound doctor or engineer in their heads when they're destined to be a novelist?
I thank God my mother had a brain.
That's All.

B Is For Your Reality

Whether you are a die hard fan or a casual observer, many of us have wondered over the years exactly HOW DAFT IS Lois Lane? I mean come on, can't you see it's Superman under those glasses? And how about THAT for a corny disguise - i hear some say - glasses? i put on glasses and everyone knows it's Tracy... with glasses.

But the truth that many of us didn't realise (i say "many" because some would have gotten it off the bat; i say "us" cause i was one of them), is that it wasn't just a pair of horned rimmed or else otherwise nerdy eye wear. there was a whole demeanour that went into the Clark/Superman motif.

Clark's shoulders are crouched; his back maybe a little heaved; in every incarnation of him over the years, Clark has been the bumbling friend. A good reporter who is actually demure (yes i said demure) in comparison to Lois' brash go-get-it mentality; he's a gentle soul, who needs to be excused to go out for air (chuckles). He may …

B is for CeCe Winans

thought for the day by CeCe Winans. perhaps one of the best songs i ever heard. these lyrics.... hit me so hard every time. because i live there.... pax.

When the darkness filled the urgent sky
and the tears welled up in the corners of my eyes
and the sun would shine for the pourin' rain
Wondered if I'd ever see daylight again

When the stars protest at the moon's refrain
and I told myself I'd surely go insane
and the earth kept turnin' at an alarmin' pace
and I couldn't talk my heart out of joinin' the race

I remember a time I couldn't close my eyes
I would lie awake dispairin'
don't know how many nights
Afraid of death that my chest would give way to the fear
Pulled the covers over my head and I cupped my ears

In attempt to escape the deafening sounds of silence
In attempt to escape these constant visions of violence
and with death as close as it could possibly get
heard a voice in the distance sayin' CeCe not yet
Then suddenly the dark…

B is for Poetry Prose an Jazz

So Saturday 18th, September [which by most of civilization is THIS SATURDAY], is the 5th Installment of Celebrating The Word which is an evening of Poetry Prose and Jazz, put on by The Arima Christian Writers Council and held in a church called Bethel. It's usually a very cool scene. We have writers - different ages, different backgrounds coming to speak about things that matter to them/affect them. From the deeply spiritual to the socially relevant, this event, this... celebration of the word brings together old school teachers, young weird professionals, teenage writers... et al... for just a few short hours to show another side of themselves, maybe even another side of Christianity. the feeling side. i say that because there is usually three general viewpoints on the Christian species - A). all dem know about is God (i.e. a discourse on anything else is altogether moot), B). dem does act like they cyah mash ants (i.e. they carry around a disposition that seem to project calm &a…

B is for HSIB

"deep in the half dead cadavers archives, we found this old track. it's cold. just the voice... maybe a few instruments but the thing is, this was so cool; brought back memories. the band has grown since then of course but it was tracks like this and old fashion napalm that made what we do now so much fun yuh know. run into the studio - lay a track down at 1:00 am in the morning over licorice and hershey's milk chocolate drinks. classic isn't it? anyways - enjoy this audio - H.SI.B [hamsters swim in buttermilk]" - TJH

Uno, Dos Threce [let’s go!]

Hamsters swim in buttermilk
They spin and spatter in the frying pan
They won’t fall in the fire [repeat]

Save me from this cor-ner
Save me from this cor-ner
Save me from this corner HOUSE
The people are macoing

Hamsters swim in buttermilk
They spin and spatter in the frying pan
They won’t fall in the fire [repeat]

Verse one:
Tears they burn his deepest throat
I guess that’s all she wrote
Haven’t you got a heart?

I lost your number…

B is for Cockroaches and Theists

both can survive a nuclear fallout. ha! ahem... sorry. do go on.

This was originally written on my cell phone a some weeks ago as I was heading off to church service.

The Story:
I was going to church on Sunday. Of course I had to get a taxi first. Paid for the entire backseat so that Buddha and I could be on our way. As I opened the car, I saw some line of creepy crawly run under the front seat – I think it was a cockroach. I HATE cockroaches. I hate small creatures that could bring disease –cockroaches… more so. And I remember saying to the driver and the passengers heading into the front seat that, some thing had ran into the front, but I don’t think anyone really heard me. Plus, everybody’s mind was on one thing really…. MOVING.

God, I spent so much time looking at the ground to see if it would return. It didn’t. But I still kept at it. The passengers in the front hadn’t a clue what was there (the guy was busy chatting up the girl) and thus, I had to be vigilant. Me and my umb…