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B is for Re-Creation

if i created you, i'd have made you some kind of warrior.
i'd have pit you against a tribe of men and you'd have won.

if i created you, i'd have taken that tongue of yours and blessed it with prophecy.
the words you speak would bring clarity to mind... and mine.

that plait of yours? i'd have grown it all to your feet 
but you'd have wrapped it round your waist like a weapon.

i'd extend your smile. the demons would think you weak for it.... 
and they would have died because of it.... 

i'd have fashioned you more clothes like the one you wear.
shredded. torn. a badge of honour from that time you battles the Tigre Witch... and won.
claws clipped. kitty domesticated. 

if i created you, i'd have given you ink.
ink all over your arm to write the names of the fallen
to remind you of who you protect... and why.

if i created you, you wouldn't have known what death was.
tales of your immortality would be legendary.
your name would be etched on mountains
and hearts.

ode to …

B is for Don't Panic

*Read this piece in church a few Sundays back. The irony of it was not lost to me, the Monday morning after. Be Blessed.

The Lord is my Shepherd
I'm done panicking!
His eyes are bigger than mine and his plot points are tighter.
Empire after Empire avail themselves to nothing.
The same struggle that was, is, and soon will be
Shifting sands bring no comfort and the gravel makes open mouths hoarse.
Therefore I shall not panic!
Though perception says differently
And reality looks like THIS is the end....
I will not accelerate the inevitable.
My chest.... will remain stable.

This isn't Apathy
Or a Que Sera Sera mentality 
It's just the knowledge that today is where I'm supposed to be.

And I will train for the future
And be mindful of the present
But I'm not omniscient.
And if the Alpha isn't troubled by Omega
Then why should I bother?
Do I know better, than he who saw the last day 
From the first....
The best from the worst....

Times have changed and yet remain.
But I shall not pani…