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B is for WORD STRIP S2 E13

[Season 2 Episode 12: Greetings, Friends! is here]

Episode #13:[Please oh please] Don’t drink the water
Kid A: There you are, Soymilk! My estrogen-mimicking friend!
The Director: Well that explains why you like boys…
Kid A: So… What’s your excuse?
The Director: Is the Water. South water lil fruity!

B is for WORD STRIP S2 E12

[Season 2's BONUS Things I'd Like To Do is here]

Episode #12: Greetings, Friends!
* sometimes heard as I enter my home
Me [loud]: Aye Muddah!
Mom [loud]: Yeah boy Faddah!
Me [loud]: Waz d scene dey boy muddah!
Mom: … sigh... people must know you home eh. *returns to whatever she’s doing*


[Season 2 Episode 11: Positive Thinking is here]

BONUS:Things I’d like to do…
One: Stand at the top of my apartment building with this Mac and scream:
"HEAR OH ISRAEL!" aaaaand Pelt.
Two: Stand at the top of my apartment building… with a crossbow… at 2am…
Three: Do a dance sequence to Age of Aquarius. Multiple characters. All me.
Four: This one human… in band camp.

B is for WORD STRIP S2 E11

[Season 2 Episode 10: Rap Music is here]

Episode #11:Positive Thinking
Monk: When life gives you lemons, learn to play cricket.
Monk: The glass is neither half full nor half empty. It is stupid looking.
Monk: This too shall pass… or else run it over with your karma.
Monk: Do unto others. Actually, just… DO others.

B is for WORD STRIP S2 E10

[Season 2 Episode 9: STAHP Music STAHP! is here]

Episode #10:Rap Music
Me: Rap Music has TOTALLY ruined me.
You: Why? Because it’s vacuous and a portal of self loathing and misogynistic nonsense?!
Me: Yeah that too. I just find I can’t make ah omelet without singing “I beat it, beat it up, up, up, up…”
You: …

B is for WORD STRIP S2 E9

[Season 2 Episode 8: Corny Jokes Need Salt is here]

Episode #9:STAHP Music STAHP!
*Before Rihanna Friend: Hey, sign this card for Kris nuh. It’s her birthday.
*After After Rihanna: Friend: Come and put your name on it. Your name on it. Come and put your name on it.
*Before Serani Friend: Yuh see me, I goin’ an pee.
*After Serani: Friend: Skip to ma loo. Yeah, skip to my loo. Skip to my loooooooooooo. Skip to my loo.

B is for Word Strip S2 E8

[Season 2 Episode 7: Bane Wisdom is here]

Episode #8:Corny Jokes Need Salt
Guy A: Hey, you know what we call a puppy’s mother? DOGMA!
Guy B: Hoss…
Guy A: Eh, watch this, watch this: You know what we call a bright rasta man? Illumi-NATTY!
Guy B: Oh gosh, dead nah!

B is for WORD STRIP S2 E7

[Season 2 Episode 6: Words with Friends is here]

Episode #7:Bane Wisdom
*At a party: Bouncer: So you got caught. What’s the NEXT part of your master plan?
Me (bane voice): Crashing this party…
*At the office Creative: Nah, bun dat! Time to bug out of this place!
Me (bane’s voice): No brother! They expect  to find one of us in the Creative Department

B is for WORD STRIP S2 E6

[Season 2 Episode 5: The Reunion is here]

Episode #6:Words with Friends

Friend One: Great! Just absolutely great!
Friend Two: What’s your problem? Now I mean.
Friend One: My new... flirtation device. He’s eighteen. Jeez! How did I get here?
Friend Two: Well… If you can’t find a good man... raise one :/

B is for WORD STRIP S2 E5

[Season 2 Episode 4: Living in Wonderland is here]

Episode #5: The Reunion
* At a party Guy: Wow. You really grew up. You look… you look great.
Girl: Thanks. It’s the breasts. How’ve you been?
Guy [introspective chuckle]: Sigh. Oh, you know me. I’m still a dick.
Girl: Wow, that must suck.

B is for WORD STRIP S2 #E2

[Season 2, Episode #1: Phone Talk is here]

Episode #2:Sing out Loud
My lyrics: Don’t make me cry, Wonder Woman. I don’t want to hurt anymore.
Whitney’s Lyrics: Don’t make me close one-a more door. I don’t want to hurt anymore.
My lyrics: Death to the schemey characters. Death to the schemey characters.
Garnet Silk’s Lyrics: Christ in His Kingly Character. Christ in His Kingly Character.