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B is for Labels

He. She. It. Is. With. Out. Labels. And beyond that Is the stuff of fables.
He. She. It. Is. Simply on the Earth Plain. Dealing with their own pains. And trying... To decipher yours.
Because somewhere, in there, is a soul fighting wars. And they know, that to survive, they need yours. alive.
So. He. She. It. Is.  Fighting for your life. As well. So hell. Fight for theirs! FIGHT for theirs!  Instead of crabbing up the barrel. Try to act more Supernatural.
FIGHT for theirs. FIGHT for each other. There is simply no hope fighting each other. Please. Place all labels in he fire pit. Love is not a cliche when you understand it.
He. She. It. Is.  Searching... Searching...  For you. For me. For Sanity. Don't hide your data stream. Crash into this sea of me. I will download you (no labels) You will download me (no labels) Till all of us is one with us  Like. The Divinity Three. No fussing. No fighting. No labels.  Just purpose.
Tracy j H June 18th: 2014