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B is for WORD STRIP #16

[Episode #15: Yes You Can is here]

Episode #16: The Problem with Yoga Class
Instructor: Are you aligning your Chakras?
Guy: Sigh, I’d like to.
Instructor: What’s wrong?
Guy: That girl’s downward dog is disturbing my lotus.

B is for WORD STRIP #13

[Episode #12: The Village People is here]

Episode #13: I’ve got no POWAH! *whilst in traffic Me: I will levitate this taxi out of traffic.
Me: I will telepathically guide this driver out of traffic.
Me: I will clear a path out of this traffic.
Me: I will play Snake Xenxia on my phone for the next two hours…

B is for WORD STRIP #11

[Episode #10: While singing religious songs is here]

Episode #11: Stupid is a Virtue
Motivational Speaker: It takes STRENGTH…. to walk away from the things you want.
Guy in audience: That sounds stupid!
Motivational Speaker: That’s what I said, it takes stupid.
Guy in audience: … ?

B is for WORD STRIP #10

[Episode #9: Smille & Lather is here]

Episode #10: While singing religious songs
Theist Guy: Father Abraham, had many sons.
Theist Guy: Had many sons had Father Abraham.
Theist Guy: And I am one of them and so are you.
Theist Guy: So let’s just, Scobby D - … wait, what now?

B is for WORD STRIP EXTRA! [star party]

[Episode #8: While listening to lady saw is here]

Random Guy #1: (running round in boxers) I LIKE MAN!
Random Guy #2: (in response): THIS IS DISRESPECTFUL. SHUT UP!
Random Guy #3: Aye girl, yuh wha see stars? All I need is five minutes.

B is for WORD STRIP #8

[Episode #7: STATEFARM is here]

Episode #8: While listening to Lady Saw
Me: No man can break my stride. No fool can’t hold me down. Oh no! this hot gyal will be leaving.
Mind: But you’re a guy.
Me: Oh... this hot guy will be leaving!
Mind: Stop spoiling the song!

B is for WORD STRIP 6

[Episode #5: Cosmic Translation is here]

Episode #6: Cosmic Translations cont’d
What you say: Why yes, I DO believe in God.
What they hear: Fairy Dust! EVERYWHERE, FAIRY DUST!
What you say: I’m an atheist.
What they hear: Occasionally I sacrifice virgins.

B is for WORD STRIP 5

[Episode #4: Star of Wonder is here]

Episode #5: Cosmic Translation
What you say: I think I like boys.
What they hear: I wanna sleep with a horse.
What you say: Well, actually I may be bi-sexual
What they hear: Mmmm. Horse.

B is for WORD STRIP 4

[Episode # 3: Just Do It is here]

Episode #4: Star of Wonder
Me: I have a hankering to stand under the night sky with two bowls in my hand and shout: “STAR OF WONDER! STAR OF LIGHT!”
My friend: …
Me: At least until an asteroid comes… Or superpowers. I’m not complaining.
My friend: You’re gay.

B is for WORD STRIP 3

[Episode #2: WHY I'm not married is here]

Episode #3: Just Do It

Me at 6 am: I will get some work done today!!!
Me at 9 am: Please, I could write this in fifteen minutes. Let me update this status first.
Me at 1 pm: Hahaha. Tina’s so funny. Crap! It’s 1 pm.
Me at 6pm: This day was shitty.