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B is for Sports Cars

Child: do men have biological clocks?
Woman: no honey, they have sports cars..

B is for Pride

pride is all i [think] i have sometimes and it buggers me when i have to bend to say to someone
i can't...
i'm not able to....
please [?]
if you could...
pride is what God wants to rid me of [i think]..

B is for Cinco

Full of his own virtue, CINCO tells us all what's REALLY important.

B is for OK

sometimes it's okay to just be "ok". okay? ok.

B is for Temptation

lead us not into... apple

B is for Apple

An Apple a this picture - An apple. Shot on an apple (Mac), using apple software (PhotoBooth)

B is for Valentine Pt 03

She doesn’t need that. But I feel she doesn’t see her own… goddess material and to be honest, I kind of not in the mood to teach. I had to work out my own insecurities and why I couldn’t tell her one of my truths and such [I think I really was afraid for a while] but after I did I found I still was in Purgatory. Bjork is right “it’s not meant to be a struggle uphill… [undo]”.

And to be fair, there was a friend of mine in a galaxy far, far away who for a good while represented the prototype of what I wanted. She’s bright, competitive, can hold her own and yes… she is… descended from the East Indies…. Chuckle.

The point to this diatribe? There is no point to this diatribe.

But I wonder why is it so hard to find somebody on lives on your eye level. Who swims in the clouds like you do? I know a girl who was deathly appalled that I wear pink or the fact that I make mad noises – hey… you know… I do my own ads sometimes so these mad voices work!

I still believe that women do want love – I thin…

B is for Valentine Pt 02

And it was cool to watch them. The Christian [Christian] girl proved that religious girls are in fact normal. Now – I grew up in church I should know this already but I tend to shudder at people whose sum total of their existence is…. Well… I’m sorry for judging.
Thing is, I know this girl. I grew up seeing her but – it never bothered me much until like maybe a year or so ago [you must understand, I live for She-Ra, Galaxy Rangers, Superman films and above all a good working pen and a clean notebook….and music!]

The other one likes Jesus Christ Superstar – The Film which I own and that was cool.
But the poet girl – I mean she was… she was like on my planet. AND THAT was good. And in some ways, restored to me the concept that, that which I was looking for was still out there. Well done you.

Poor thing. Little did she know she was starting to annoy me. I’m sorry. I am a bastard. But… you don’t enter my life like a whirlwind and then declare yourself a light breeze. It nah work. It…. It nah …

B is For Valentine pt 01

When my friend said to me, women don’t want love [these days] I thought he was being his usual self. For though he was exceedingly bright I oft wondered what planet he lived on that seemed to spring these ideas [now I know that it is I who live –and love – from a different planet].

I think I wanted to prove him wrong, to show that his logic was flawed… tarnished by witches from his own past. You see my theory is, that most women don’t want “love” because they’ve never really experienced it. What they HAVE EXPERIENCED is a flurry of enraged male hormones that flocked together in pursuit of getting inside their beds instead of their heads. Having had this experience [not to mention the three carry-ons they bring into EVERY… NEW… RELATIONSHIP] it was easy to see why women didn’t believe they wanted love.

Now I stop to say this. I myself am a bastard. I bore easily. I know what I want [or so I thought] and when I don’t see that or… realize that they may be too daft to NOT see that… I go bac…

B is for Superhero

B is for Squatter

And on the 8th Day,
God created Squatter Settlements...

B is for HE

What does HE want?
What DOES... he want?
What does he.... WANT?!!!!!

B is For Lie

The Camera Adds 10 lbs...

B is for Meaning...


B is for Good

It is morning. 
It is Friday. I have Karsh Kale in my ears (go here and like yourself). It is good. Today... IS Good.
And God too. He is Good.

B is for TED

yesterday, i went up on TED's website ( because... I ... Love TED.secretly, I dream of the day when I will become so blindingly brilliant that I too will be able to share a stage with such personal greats like - Geller, Tan (Amy), Abrams (J.J.), Maeda among others... and Rives. and I will get there with my soon-to-be-released Doodle Project.
HERE I AM on TED and i say "why don't i just join TED?"
and I click it see and there I realised something very important... i am incredibly dumb... quite.
i didn't even have a blog. well i have a group on facebook (the catharsis experiment) but still... and then they asked me if i was a copywriter/columnist, copywriter/blogger or just... 'copywriter'. i never felt so pathetic in all my life.
well there was this one time - but pink elephants on tricycles don't really count.
Thus, I came to a decision
because Being a Blogger means I can become TED worthy…