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B is for Scale

So I saw Jay-Z’s video for “On to the Next”…

I should have known something was up. after all, I really liked that song so OBVIOUSLY something HAD TO BE WRONG!It’s like, that scene in Charlie’s Angels (full throttle) where Dillon (Barrymore) and Alex (Lui) are checking out this assassin dude and Alex asked Dillon what she thought about him and Dillon says “yummy!” and Alex knew that HE WAS INDEED the bad guy because Dillon always fell for the bad guy. Yeah... that’s me. The weirder the better, just as long as it doesn’t weird me out much. It’s kinda like how I always know I’m in love… or lust… she’s always involved with someone else – chuckle!

Sigh. I saw Jay-Z’s video for “On to the Next”

So I'm a service going, Bible believing Theist. So… I believe (that there is) God. I also believe in Jesus the Christ and the power of The Holy Spirit.

I also believe there are angels, demons, spirits, ghosts, freemasons, occultic symbols, archangels, lodges, pagan rites, pagan symbology, true doctri…

B is for The Etch-A-Sketch

I’ve always thought of the Universe as a big, big mouth. And when you make a statement, it opens wide to receive it. It (the universe) rolls it in its mouth and then spews it back out in a more interesting form.

Say for example, me.
I said once, I want to try/experience everything at least once. And through a series of [un] fortunate events, I have experienced some real heights.

I said… I want to do everything. this brought on a wonderful debate with a friend of mine who explained to me in all honesty that iCan’t do everything. Enter John Locke’s voice screaming to the world – “don’t tell me what I can and cannot do!”

But he was right though. My dear friend, not John Locke. Maybe. I can’t do everything.
Except I probably could. Of course when given the opportunity to try my hands and attempting the everything, I feel my tongue lean back into my oesaphagus, and slowly gallop tactlessly down my arse. Yes… I am aware of how that sounds.

I’ve performed poetry at various locations.
I’ve published…

B is for Same

harry potter has a cloak of invisibility. because it is a magic story, all we need to know is that once he wears it he disappears from view...

in fantastic four [the movie], sue storm [richards] has the ability to turn invisible. it is explained by reed richards that it's more.. the ability to refract light around her thus giving the appearance that she has IN FACT turned invisible.

i say potato.

B is for Shorts

1. "wow! i love it."
if anything reality tv has shown us that we CAN love what we don't understand...

2. "ok, humor me"
i said that i want to die at 79. i'll be 30 next yr. i haven't gotten married nor am i with child.
that leaves 49 years to do so.
God has a wonderful sense of humor.

3. "my mind weighs heavily on my knees"
maybe it's just me but i just love how my mind tastes in my mouth. God is Love.

B is for Grateful

copy reads: "my minds stores things and replays them when i'm not looking." - ©tracy j hutchings, 2008

i was telling my dear friend that i was turning 30 next yr.
i've had it in the back of my mind that i was still 27.
so i say to my friends [or anyone who asks] that i'm 27 but i'm 29 this year [dec.30th] thus, next year...
i'll be 30 years old.

sometimes i feel like my life is a shitcake.
patted, pricked and marked with T... for baby and me.
but it's not.
this life of mine DOES have its moments but it's all good.
it took said dear friend to snap me back to that reality when he said "i think you just gave me hope for life at 30."
i thought... i really should be grateful.
life is good.
God is great.
and even if i have to tote water and such at some dark hours in the morning, i am grateful for my life...
i should think.

but what if i don't want to be "grateful" anymore?


B is for godish day

Overwhelmed by the
world she created,
godish woman pushes
back from her desk
to play with
a thought in her mind.

I watched her think.
to me,
clearly the answer was crystal
but for the sake of her stake in the matters,
a lucid tongue was needed.

I want to touch her.
no. really.
take the knowledge
curled in my finger and wrap it…
round hers...
i want to settle the mid atlantic
and restore rain
to her hot and bothered mind.
i want to brush back
the cares from her face
and make her see… clearly…
that an overworked goddess
is a goddess none the less
and this priest is ready to serve her.

happy godish day
© 12:02:10

B is for Kino

one time the office folks had a discussion that basically brought to the surface the theory that the internet is God. because like the latter, the former is:
1. everywhere
2. filled with answers
3. is able to guide you accordingly (is this what you meant to type?)
4. and is of course relatively invisible.
some may even say you have to have a measure of faith in the capacities of the internet and what it can do for you. hence, therefore and in conclusion (as a human i know would say), the internet is like God.

if one was to follow that construct, one can then say that FACEBOOK is the key to eternal life or in the very least... immortality. KINO [inadvertently] brought that to the surface.

it's funny. with all the postulating and posturing about immortality it was KINO who reached there first. Or perhaps - the first to bring the reality home. KINO apparently is gone but his facebook profile lives. Thus he lives. So i will not say rest in peace. i will not miss him so. i will tag him... in…