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B is for Love Jones

Lipstick on a Jedi but her force is still strong.  She can pull me from the dark side From a place I don't belong...

She never went to Girl Guides But the Girl Guides me to chuckling and fits of smiling  And even when the sun goes down I'm still shining...

When she speaks it's good music And she is exceedingly proficient at it And I stand here like a neophyte, trying to get my tune right....

Just Saying...
[pulled from the mind of a mortal] Pax Tracy j H

B is for The Prayer

The Prayer: Merciful  Father, grant me in thy good will and favor, a car of my own.  I ask this in the Holy name of your Son, Jesus. Amen.

The Real Prayer: Dear God, gimme a car so i could knock down and mash 'way these imps on d road, who doh know how to drive or feel d road is dey blasted bedroom! Tanks!
Now then... who you think you foolin'?
Pax Tracy j H

B is for Stalling

[the fun part is, i wrote this Oct 2nd or sometime so. And now Steve, who has made a "Ding" in the universe... is gone. classic]
I once asked of God – “before I die, help me do something that would make you stand and applaud”. This leaves me with two groovy choices.  a. I can search with all that I am and do this thing OR  b. I could stall 
The thing about stalling a god is that  a. they can wait around a long time AND  b. if they think it’s your time to go… it’s your time to go. No matter what.  It’s fun to think about but it’s a useless aspiration; one that stems from the idea: How Can I Cheat Death? How can I extend my life-force? This of course follows the assumption that this “life-force” of mine is being used. 
Think of it as having a super-soldier serum on your shelf and never using it.  Just because you live doesn’t mean you’re actively using your life-force. Which circles back to the beginning. The need to do this one thing. This Divinely Inspired thing that would …

B is for Truth

if i created TRUTH what would it look like? would it be edible or ornamental? or wearable? and would it be worn on special occasions? or would it be worn out from daily use? yellow sweat stains yellow sweat stains under the strain of the truth? threads knit together pulling itself apart from the constant use of the truth? live in it all day truth? skin... tight truth? would it not be better to lie? mass market the darn thing into 6 oz bottles? in discount stores? sell it to admirable houses and landlords? sell it to.... priests and poets and politicians? sell it to.... you? mr. disposable income ms. no income at all [chuckle] wouldn't you like a lie instead? i can make it shiny. what little i remember from art class. and if you broke it, what would it matter? it looked good for the moment didn't it? pretty... i have a sense though, i should create truth create it fast make it fast before... before you move away to another window. no advertising will bring you back once you&#…