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The Unification of Alexander North [The Final Moments]

[Part Seven Can Be Found Here]
The sky still burned flashes of white as they all gathered round the lifeless body of Soul even as the ground shook around them. “Who did this?” The cold stare of Heart was upon them all. “You did. You all did.” Lord Luz had returned. “This war cost her most of all. And I hold each of you responsible.” “But why?” Body whispered, “Of all of us, she stayed neutral  in this.” Mind’s eyes moved swiftly looking for an answer to this  illogical action of Soul’s. “We were supposed to protect  her.” he whispered and slumped all the more before her. “You four were supposed to be older and wiser than she was. You were to guide her into all truths but your actions…. Your actions have led her to this point; back to the Eternals.”
The ink flowed freely from Soul. A permanent stain would fall over the continent. It had lost its Soul in this war. Spirit took up the blade and brought it before Lord Luz. “Kill us.” He said. “End us, we have failed. Just… save the  continen…

The Unification of Alexander North Prt 07

(in case you missed it, here's prt 06)
Soul pondered Lord Luz’ words. There was sense to what he said. How long, she had often asked herself, before the turmoil and the inkshed took over her borders? How well could Soul protect her interests from The Four and at what cost? Yes. This was best. Soul would leave the corrupted continent and go back to the Eternals while this place sank to the deepest depths of despair. Maybe, it is what is best for Spirit, Body, Heart and Mind to fall. In the next cycle, maybe they would be better. Yes, she would gather her people and together they would…
No. She couldn’t. “I will not!” she said emphatically. But the Lord was right. She knew it. This would only end if one of them ended. But  the only one who possessed such a weapon… “I know your thoughts, Soul. I will not give it to you.” Soul’s eyes flashed angrily. “This place… is in a constant state on unease. There are  rumblings around the continent and still they will not let  up! It is the on…

The Unification of Alexander North Prt 06

(here's what happened last time) Every refugee –so to speak – that she took into her self brought with them the scars of a war that won’t end. It was not unheard of to hear Mind’s defector telling Spirit’s defector how self righteous his leader was; who did nothing while Heart’s forces tore them apart. “How long?” Soul wondered, “How long before we are forced to really pick a side? To fight against our siblings in this near-thirty-year civil war?”      “Twenty one days.” Came the answer. Soul need not turn         around; the voice was of the strong voice of Lord Luz, a wise       and statuesque man from a land across many winds. It had been       some time since he visited the continent. His emissaries did       his work for him; that is… when they weren’t trying to kill      themselves. “Twenty One Days?!’ Soul exclaimed as she bowed before him. “How can you be so certain?”
“Because I am always certain. And… I have seen the end. It is not good.” Lord Luz explained that he had just…