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B is for OH! The Horror!

Terrance lost another client today. He forgot to remember the force with which he pushed thoughts into their heads must be carefully controlled. Now, as yet another client sat opposite him headless, bleeding over the still preserved body, all he could do was sigh and shrug at his colleagues. Worst of all… they hadn’t gotten paid yet.
Though, to be fair Angela Saxon never really used her head anyways. And it wasn’t as if Alexis Excalibur couldn’t put her head back together for them. It sure would help the presentation, but what was the point? This is the problem with having a Pusher on the payroll – you never know if, when or HOW their relatively volatile emotions would manifest. Sigh. In a real sense, Terrance did them all a favor. Saxon Beer only provided two percent of the company’s overall revenue stream yet demanded 80% of the attention.
She thought… in a way… the loss of this client is a call for celebration. They would ease on out of the boardroom, past the receptionist quietly c…


[Season 2 Episode #15: Talk like an Egyptian is here]

Episode #16 [FINALE]:Rationale Thinking
Creative: The concentric circles are red to reinforce the idea of passion and keeping the blood flowing
Creative: We kept the box simple and slanted to give that cubed/stacked feel, allowing a complexity of imagery to occur.
Client: Yes but… why is the background white though. How ‘bout pink?
Creative: The white represents your blasted corneas in my hand. …. Sorry, did I say that out loud?

B is for WORD STRIP S2 E15

[Season 2 Episode 14: Mommy, where do new religions come from? is here]

Episode #15: Talk like an Egyptian
Guy 1 (humming soca tune): They say I too young for Soca. Oye-ya-yo they making joke.
Guy 2: You know, you might be too young for Sokar, but you just right for Anubis.
Guy 1: Oh bite me.
Guy 2: No… Anubis.

B is for WORD STRIP S2 E14

[Season 2 Episode 13: Don't Drink The Water is here]

Episode #14:Mommy, where do new religions come from?
Me: So I wrote this folk song for my story...
Me: It’s funny. It’s name is Mesoamerican but the beat is kinda Middle-Eastern...
Me: (humming the song over and over): OH MY GOSH! I SHOULD TOTALLY START A RELIGION AROUND THIS!
Me: Oh crap, I’ve been Hubbarded.