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B is for WANT!

how badly do you want it? There is a Bible story. A Syro/Phoenician woman whose father was Greek comes to Jesus and says - "dude! my daughter is hella ill. help me already!"* Jesus turns to the woman.... the non Jew and says basically - "it's not right to take the children's bread and give it to the dogs." okay. So the woman says - "yeah but... even the dogs get the scraps that fall from the table." Needless to say, the woman got what she wanted. And i'd wager Jesus was impressed. she simply refused to take things at face value.
how badly do you want it? i told a couple friends of mine this morning that it dawns on me that God tells you things to see JUST what you'll do. this thing that you simply must pursue, this dream/goal of yours - how badly do you want it? will you stop at the first "denied"? will you simply walk away because it's gotten hard(er)? now admittedly, as a Theist (a Christian one), i admit to the belief that, as a F…

B is for Clarity (a moment of)

DON'T PANIC - [said in large, friendly letters] hitch-hiker's guide to the galaxy
i may even say - "God is Love. Relax"
now then, about this limited state of emergency. at first i chuckled, i honestly felt "at last. a reason to wear my guy fawkes mask" but then the gravity of the situation hit me... i have no guy fawkes mask. sigh.
then came a moment of panic. see i was alive for 1990 and while this is not that particularly, the idea of it just sent me to shivers. but then i realised, that unlike the rest of us -these people are just cartoons (get high, get stupid, get the idea?). 
i have friends & family in various parts of the island. when i wake up and hear SEVEN PEOPLE GUNNED DOWN, i have to look. i scan through the names in hope that it is not them. all life is precious, don't misinterpret me. but these people make up my world... annoying as some of them are. so i will say this: if it helps so that i don't have to wonder if my friends got …

B is for Lyrics

i wrote a piece some time back called "The belly of a god".
This came some time after. i'll record it and online it soon but here it is - the lyrics. "lend me your lap" © Tracy j H 2010

Chorus: Lend me your lap I want to know What it feels like To sleep at night [repeat chorus]
1. The night is cold and I grew colder And as I wander I wonder if I would Sleep tonight.
I close my eyes and I see creatures Features of a mind that wants to Sleep tonight
Hook: Oh-to-lie-on-the-surface of the one And-know-the-world’s-at-peace-inside-her. And though-the-day-could-bring-much-hell I-know-this-priest-would-fare-well If only you’d…
Chorus: Lend me your lap I want to know What it feels like To sleep at night [repeat chorus]
2. I’m growing sick of every crik now And all my hope is gone And I can’t sleep tonight
Couldn’t you. Be my. Lullaby. So that I could finally sleep at night
Hook: Oh-to-lie-on-the-surface of the one And-know-the-world’s-at-peace-inside-her. And though-the-day-could-bring-much-hell I-kn…

B is for Hypotheses (on a lunch run)

emailed to a friend some time ago:
"my head hurts and so do my eyes. for a minute i felt nauseous. so i went out into the world to buy food.
i'm in the car on the way back and i get this word "wholly trinity". it's how it works most times. i get a word first. it circles like a small plane or else some kind of bird looking for a safe place to land. i thought about it "wholly trinity". we know that the trinity concept usually refers to a divine reference. In Christianity, The Godhead. we also know that the concept is not new to various other old religions. but to be wholly trinity - though grammatically it could be wholly triune - means that [if you believe in such things] your body, mind and spirit [these 3] are in order... are whole. complete. you ARE wholly trinity. hmm...
the car drops me at the corner and i'm walking to the complex and i start to think of the words, "get behind me!" now in Christianity, we know of the story of Jesus, havi…

B is for Nothing Really

I am the older brother of my sister’s son. I am the past, the future The only one that matters Yes I alone matter The only one who will survive the impending disaster.
I am the fault off of Every Man The beginning of every plan and the end of all relationships I chuckle at the logic of man For all things revert to me And when this place is no more I will simply say Goodnight And close my mind
My sister is space My brother is time And I Am Nothing.
I alone matter
January 10, 2011 Nothing Really [random ramblings rumbling inside] Three Text Maximum © tracy j h

B is for Stupid Species

[just a thought i had on Saturday. and then i saw the riots and thought... hmmm... humans]
The planet was passed over in search of something …. Less fertile but also less futile. The feedback from their collective "intelligence" was stinging. Turn it down. turn it down! Too much! Too much squawking! Too much…. Nothing.
Too much fear wears them out Too much closeted mental space in the place Too much blind cliff jumpers and hurried grave divers Too much fear to follow To much prejudice to swallow And pride? Talking about pride They had none. If they did – the explorers thought – they would have seen us a long time ago. They would have seen themselves a long time ago They would’ve….but they didn’t And so the planet was passed over. Because the natives were all too busy trying to act... [kosher] But really Truly What they were doing Was wearing silk blindfolds and cotton earplugs While all along intelligence screamed Tied to a concrete barrier 
© Tracy j H August 6th, 2011

B is for Last Rites

[i called this "last rite". i was going to call it "fly carcass fly" but that didn't happen either and "untitled" is just too lame for me to use right now as well. Pax]
Dead carcass in the road The exes swoop down Picks up Pieces… Feast on the famine of oxygen. Start with the eyes. Heaven knows that’s where it all began. Fitting it ends there. … … I… KNOW that frame Faster, faster to the remains of what remains Shoo! Be gone already. At least let me bury the rest. With incense only the dead can smell Let me bury this frame from the prying eyes Of the Vulturama Let me rest. … … But the thought says… The thought says, “Let the nature feed. I’m not there anymore. I am not there.” All at once Relief This spirit got free of you Returns to godhood Wrapped under God’s hood No burial necessary I’m not there I am not there I fly free of you Vulture, I win. I win. … …
Last Rites © Tracy J Hutchings August 8th 2011

B is for Music

Freemasons admit: Soca too stupid to infiltrate A B IS FOR STEALING EXCLUSIVE
I went into the dvd club looking for something to satisfy my weekend urges and walked out with IRON MAN 2 and Eat Pray Love. But before leaving, my all seeing eye glanced upon a dvd speaking about a certain hip hop mogul who is actually a mason. It is hilarious to me that all at once every black artiste IS IN FACT a freemason but I suspect turn about is fair play. After all, every one knows that white people music has been the product of the devil for years. But the more I thought about it, the more a true and undeniable fact became clearer and clearer to my consciousness…. I have not now nor have I ever heard about ANY freemason soca stars. This stark and blatant bias by the powers-that-be-hidden is an insult to the Trinidadian Collective who no doubt can be an asset to any organisation or government ment ment ment with the right amount of clout. We have agendas too you know. To get to the heart of this bias,…

B is for What?

Last night I had a dream. A Theist dream. Left me more determined to prove to whosoever it was that couldn’t give me a straight answer that I was NOT going to end up in hell. Or maybe it was the phantom zone. Yes, I’m a Theist. Of course I believe in good and evil as ACTUAL persons and places. It’s probably the most unsophisticated thing about me [in terms of logic and reality] but there it is.
Of course, one could say that eating a meal, then a fruit bowl, then juice, then multigrain crackers with rotisserie chicken MAY have something to do with it. I didn’t have it all at once, this was just a succession as the evening/night wore on.
So I’m in a room. I’m always in a room. I hate rooms. …
So I’m in a room. Let’s just say there was a moderator and an audience. The moderator tested each member’s thought or whatever with fire, if they passed they moved on, if they didn’t they got pulled into a tear drop and moved further and further away into the darkness. When it was my turn, the moderat…