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B is for Ouija (part) Three

The former Ouijas are HERE. Below is the third part of the series - though it feels finale ish. maybe there is more to the construct. Pax
3. I summon an answer from beyond the dead of man. Where truth lives. And if you long for one too Then form a ring around the numb, the devastated, the dead inside And let us together ouija the sky. No solemn séance but a mad dance Hands across the sky. Make up the numbers. Call forth signs and wonder no more if someone hears. The delusion may have brought us here But since we’re here, let’s get The Answer from The Great… Beyond this understanding…

B is for Ouija (part) Two

this was yesterday (click). the beginning of a new thought. something i've been toying and dismissing. a hearing in my mind "ouija the sky" - here's part two. every day will a new piece be added. pax.
2. Hands move slowly Across the board the delusion continues I see… I sense… clouds? A ribbon in the sky for our love?
Hope deferred by useless action I force upraised hands to move left to right to find an answer suitable to these fears. A balm for the ears I… Am… Here Spectre Spirit Saviour. Not the one true The one forced to fulfill a role My poor attempt at control…

B is for Ouija (part) One

i had a thought. it started with a word. a series of words. "ouija the sky". so i figure i'd write it down. but the full of it hasn't come out yet. i blame young and restless [watching it on youtube now]. whatever it is, this has to be good and will thus take some time. so here is part one. or else. OUIJA ONE. enjoy. and pax to you.
1. Ouija the sky Trying to divine answers from the otherwise hidden. I... Am... Here. Spectre. Spirit. Sanctuary Tell me what’s it like on the other side of a valid opinion?

B is for Father's Day (random musings)

1. A Charlie Brown cartoon once explained Father’s Day like this: Charlie was going to make his father take him to the zoo and play catch with him and all those things that would eventually tire dad out. By the end of the day he said, his dad would KNOW that he was a father. Classic really.
2. Today is Generic Day. No doubt countless fathers will be receiving generic pieces of crap that they could buy FOR THEMSELVES on any given month end. And with the advent of groovy electronics, the thinking process for gift giving is now cut in half. Why should we think about what to give the old fart when Blackberry has a PlayBook… with Apps. Personally I think each Father’s Day gift should be memorable. For example, one year I thought of getting my dad a pound of rope and a hand of bananas… you figure it out. This year I planned to call him up and play Lady Gaga’s Judas for him.
S.F.X: Riiiiiiiiinnnng Dad: Halo? [he’s Guyanese] Gaga: Judas! Ju-da-ahs! Judas! Ju-da-ahs! Judas! Ju-da-ahs! Me: Happy…

B is for Ascension (to machines)

Yesterday, my bored ass, filled with an overweening sense of arrogance decided – Forget this! I’m going to the office! Yesterday afternoon, I looked at by bedroom and wanted to collapse. This led me to a glorious new truth – I must find a way to transfer my consciousness to something more sturdy… like STEEL! Because flesh and bone, blood and organs are oft times… ASS! Let’s face it, we’re already machine operated, what’s the harm in going full hog?! I have in my corner enough brilliant people who can help me turn this into reality.
My friend asked me about the moral parallel of ascending to the machine and at first glance I didn’t see any. But as I pushed on, I realized that if/when we ascend to the machines, every thing that Sapiens hold dear will have to-must-to CHANGE in favor of a more advanced [hopefully] logic.
Let’s start with Religion – the truth in all religions is that the essence of man lingers on after the body is destroyed. Heaven and Hell is the end for all souls. Soul acc…