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B is for Just Praise

Last Night was Praise Explosion @ The Church. It was Bess - as the natives would say. Basically, once a year, the music and arts department comes together [like everyone - drama, dance, poets, musicians, soloists, choirs, everyone] and puts on a Service [because a "show" is where you come to get entertained. this is not a show]. This was the Piece i read last night. It was a Colab with Robert Noel and myself cause we're part of the writers team. Praises Be. Enjoy. Pax

I will lift up my voice  AND PRAISE regardless of how low I feel I will lift up my voice  Higher than my indebtedness I will lift up my voice AND PRAISE... till it drowns out the pains in my body  till praises dilute the blood of a broken heart 
Praise Him past the walls. Till you’re stripped bare and you no longer care Who sees. Who knows… Because who knows the extent of your grief And how long you have asked for relief So right now Just… Praise him past the eyes that pry And the thought that lies and says “You are done …

B is for Erotican't... 01

Her legs whispered into my ear:"Where are we going with this?" My eyes responded:"To hell, if we don't stop kidding ourselves." She gasped her agreement.  ... ... ...
I didn't like that this was the only conversation we shared Outside of the: hey how's you how's the weather you good...? But we had long since understood that... WORDS were useless To our kind We who spend our days pontificating to the rabble A fabble To keep them sated. No, our conversations were steeped in sweat. Oh! For more though...

Tracy j H 20:06:2012

B is for A Lust Apart

we should burn slowly. give the spirits enough time to tie their shoes. so they can witness what a man born of a woman can do to a woman.
i have an urge to grab you in the streets, pull you from your bearings  make up for lost time by making you up against a wall ten fingers must not wait for a room with a view...
when last have you eaten? i have been famished forever banished even longer while every pore calls out your name and every part is sore... sorely missing you more. still... we should be careful about this... burning. you. sweat. alcohol. i. am. flammable. and sati will be performed on this mattress as we undress in flames and celebrate in ashes
we should.... shouldn't we? digest each other slowly? tenderly?  roughly... three hours? not continuously ours but hours all the same.
tell me this lust lives in two tell me there is space in you a warm heart eyes vivid  breath short tell me this is true for you... or free it that it may die alone.
tracy j h 16:06:2012