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B in Future Traditions

I was sitting down listening to Norah Jones’ “Come Away with Me” and I began to think about future traditions. I thought… I want to sway with someone. Sway with my lover. To this music. More than that, I want that when we had an argument (and we’d have those because she’d be stubborn and I’d be pig headed (iChuckle)) we would never go to bed angry. We’d pop open a lover’s CD like this one and just sway. We may be as mad as hell but we would sway because we would never want to go to bed angry.

And our children would know this. And they would never allow their partners to go to bed angry either because… well, because they would know better. They would sway. They would know it was better to sway. That’s the kind of man I want to be. Moreover, that’s the kind of tradition I’d like to pass on. Future Traditions. What's Yours?

B is for Vote

she poured out her self. my ex. in a pool of blood she poured out herself to stop this restlessness in my heart. this ex of mine. i stood over her form. she in her purest essence. this ex of mine. i dipped this finger in her form. this ex of mine. now us two are stained. like i had an option. i love the form of my ex. i love the stain of my ex. she is & i am. satisfied.

B is For Monae

fabulous secrets were revealed to me when i held aloft my monae CD and said...

i know we live in the age of digital downloads but there is still that feeling to be had when you rip open a cd. PLUS. in this case - the notes she has there (like in her "inspired by" on the song description) is worth reading. the girl is good. no... janelle is a beautiful mystery that should exist in my story of the sunlights. more on that later.

B is for OverHaul

you know sometimes when i look at theists and theism or rather their approach to Theism, i just want a baseball bat. to beat theism and let (as my grandaunt would say) the bad blood run out. then, i'd take theism into my arms and nurse it back to health.

i'd like to overhaul everything and bring knowledge to my people. theists. sometimes the thought scares me, because it sounds supremely arrogant in my ears, but let's face it, a percentage of people think that already because i/we believe in God and seven day creation and faith. so my latest movements should not be that far from where i/we are right now anyways.

the thing is, i'd growing a tad annoyed, ok a little more than annoyed, with how theists interpret theology or rather, the inability to separate personal dogma with Divine utterance. a classic example was brought to the forefront of my mind when one of my dear friends became "disgusted" by the fact that a priest turned politician was still a priest. wo…

B is for Mod

I introduce my mother to all my friends as BUDDHA because she is wise. Annoying but altogether wise. now why is that funny, because we are all Christians. but my mother possesses a certain understanding that is no less divine. and i know a lot of people will say that about their mothers but mine has it. truly. see i've been sick for as long as i can remember. ashtma, ear infections, foot drama, food poisoning, the occasional eye crap and of course ... the scoliosis which culminated if you will in the surgery i had in 2007 where my mother took on the world and went beyond the parametres of her god-ishness. i make it clear. my mother and i always arguing. it's been like that since i could talk - and that has been a very very long time (i think since i was like nine months old or so...).my mother is. guided by God she is. and that works for me.the end

B is for Febreeze

"Just because my story keeps changing doesn't mean i'm not telling the truth."
- Dwight Campbell, author, I Febreezed My Dog

i had the pleasure of sitting down with Dwight to discuss his new book (go here & here). i have a copy of that book. in fact i have two. because it was that good and i wanted to share with a friend. as should you.

below is the Audio Commentary (with a hint of video) of that interview.
enjoy. pax. tracy j h

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