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B is for Tone Deaf Crabs

cough cough cough cough cough...c

my chest is raw and when i breathe i can feel the metal in my back pushing against my internal body. internal body [sic]. i feel that needs resuscitation too. i'm not the same anymore. but then i should be glad. for same to me is normal and normal is blah so why would i want to be blah... BLAH! useless mindless thought!

cough cough COUGH!

God! i need a release. i need... a girlfriend.
maybe i should call my non existent girlfriend and say "hey, u wanna be my girlfriend. i promise my weak sense of morality won't get in the way this time. i promise i'll be sooooooo super honest. pretty...? please....?"

cough cough cough co- COUGH!

tone dead crabs runs impatiently across my mind. i got to pee. really, i should pee. but that implies getting up. why bother? soon i'll cough and cough and COUGH! oh look. problem solved.

clack! clack! clack!
tne deaf crabs clack off key. i should stop now. i still want to pee. i still want to know...

B is for Ayodhya

This is Ayodhya.
He is very bright.
Bright, Ayo Bright.

He likes to draw.
Draw Ayodhya, Draw.
Ayodhya drew so brightly
That theRhode Island School of Design (RISD) called him up
Rhode Ayodhya, Rhode.

Ayodhya did this wicked cool DC portfolio art project
That was clever and [I think] so easy to connect

See the portfolio here.
Personal favorites – Lex Luthor, Superman (that one was heights because the guy featured for it actually IS supes type) and Solomon Grundy (oh wow! oh wow! oh wow!) and yesssssss… reverse flash was clever 2.

"Developing the idea of creating work via the destruction, or rather, exaptation of other materials, we were assigned the task of producing 50+ versions of any logo. I chose DC Comics (of course). 5 Heroes were selected, along with 9 villains each, to produce 50 character themed pieces. 2 other works were added, the stencil and the original print-out, to produce 52, the number of parallel universes in the DC Comics Multiverse. I love DC comic…

B is for Random Thursdays

i took the day off today as a mental health day. not that my mental health should be a question since everybody has already wagered that i am in truth and in fact, quite mad.

i'm in an internet cafe right now and as i lift up my head what do i see? logos. one set of logos, plastered everywhere. youtube, apple, howstuffworks, mozilla, hotmail, messenger, facebook.... logos! i laugh, because in this moment i realise... i cannot escape my life. i am forever surrounded by brands and i am in fact... a brand. what am i doing with this brand?

that said.
1. i have a new theory - genetic reincarnation [my friend the artist-scientist says "i don't even
want to hear it" oh but he will]. more on that later. maybe tomorrow pls God. the basic tenant
of the theory is that we were all here before - this genetic code that is walking around,
ordering icecream - and we'll be here again! HA! BATTLESTAR GALACTICA I LOVE YOU!

2. i wonder... whose "brand" of morality are w…

B is for SideBar

i was going to talk about morality today. as in "whose morality do you subscribe to?"
it was going to be deep if i say so myself.
however, instead i will speak about requisitioning wombs.

yes that's right... wombs.

i was having a conversation with a girl who [i admit] i still go gaga over [cue the "paparazzi" audio clip]. we were talking about how stupid humanity had become and whether there was a point to saving them. "saving" in the sense of helping-them-expand-their-mental-space-just-a-smidgen-more kind of saving.

she believed this exercise was futile and proclaimed that instead of trying to save this "dead-out" (my term not hers) generation, she was going to have kids. a means of passing on valuable information about culture and forward thinking and such.

i laughed of course but she had a real point. i too have felt that this current landscape is all... dead-out, but never really saw procreation as a means of rebooting the system if you wil…

B is for Honestly Purple

part of the honest week ceremonies i give you - "the importance of being honest"

morning has broken
up with me.
i no longer see the sun
now i plot grand larceny in order to have The One.

Grand Larceny...
over and over i said to me...
"if you want she, know grand larceny.
This was not up for discussion.
No vain hypotheses or theories
I was going to steadily
pull the YOU from him to transform the WE to US.
You must,
you must understand, that my plan went further than the limits of momentary lust
you simply must!

From the confines of my tower
this sorcerer
sourced many to make the magic
but whether by false sight or lack of might
all attempts to conjure perfection
never quite led to mental penetration.

So I turned to Biology
Study me
Herald of Divinity
using earth science to steal a goddess.
because it was you I saw
it was you i prayed for.
and when Heaven sent no key for your door
i turned to reason for a reason.

Darwin says:
the weak of the species dine in obscurity
and that
fair Devi w…

B is for Honesty

I've dedicated this week to honesty.
Honestly... ask me anything and i will not lie.
How will i accomplish this... by keeping my darn mouth shut!


let the fun begin...

B is for Lemonade Stand Blog Award

last week i was awarded the lemonade stand blog award by a friend of mine who is super cool. and since no good deed goes unpunished :-)> HERE NOW are my winners of the lemonade stand blog award...

Artzpub Blog - the blog spin off of Draconian SwitchFreepaper - the blog of the one rodell warner, he's a [fantastic!] photographer, graphic artistand all round good guy. this is one of those people i expect to see on TED somedayAnother such future TEDster is Marlon D'arbeau. See him here. artist, furniture designer, and intellectual. he actually had a showing at BECA studios in New Orleans earlier this yr... or last yr... time has no meaning for me.Dallas is my hero. see whyAlice Yard is the home of the Creative Underground of the Caribbean. it is a very groovy living space where artists/artistes and anybody can come and be inspired. go see.Lilu is the WATCHTOWER. i think she totally reminds me of Chloe Sullivan [yes... i love smallville!]. She has this interesting and altogether…

B is for Money (for Advertising)

i get written dollars all the time.messages like "call pinky for a bess flex" (the equivalent of a "good time")i've seen people profess their love for each other on the billsand of course - lottery i decided - why not use it for something worthwhile! i will use my money to advertise my blog. and so, with a silly black ink gel pen, i began writing "b is for stealing" along with the website.higher denominations got messages such as, "NEED CHANGE?"while those like this single dollar may have gotten simpler statements - "KEEP THIS DOLLAR! STEALAHB INSTEAD - [website address]" - some just had the website address.these dollars were then circulated in my taxi runs and food stops and such. yay!of course i found out this is all illegal. no writing on money [legal tender] allowed.apparently - the "pinkies" of the country either didn't get that memo or just didn''t care. still... i go…