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B is for Ascendant Love [the end of the lords series]

Let there be love. Let there BE love. LET... there be love. Let there be LOVE.
Let there be love nonstop Let the love never stop Let there be love in a person Let love RISE in a person Let there be authority with this love Let there be leadership with this love Let this love be worth the climb and Let this love be pure to dive in
Let there be love. Let there BE love. LET... there be love. Let there be LOVE.
Let there be love that shapes planets Let us be drawn, like a magnet Let love adorn our every state Let this love be our Head of State. Let this love inform all decisions. Let love be the first mission. Let this love turn our eyes upward And pull up those lagging backward Let love break down all lies. Ascendant Love: Love on the rise.
©18:06:13 tracy j h
#lordoftheyounggods In the end, this is all a lord searches for...

B is for The Patterns [part of the lords series]

I have seen the patterns that lead to destruction. Nothing has changed in all the years of civilisation. Fagan’s still here. Chain smoking bastard has cleaned up well. He still needs a boy though To act as front man to the chaos… Lips that court the apocalypse.
Grimm is still here, with a Baptist bell Warning of hell Who (has itself) Become the owner of corporations. Helping anyone who needs a donation… As long as you give up control to your soul.
Anansi became a politico. Darwin took up drinking Trying to get them to change their thinking. Newton turned his attention to marketing and distribution. Computer drivers and music players that make you feel alive… again. I however, remain bored. Bored as I was in the palace. Bored like when I had just conquered cities. Just bored! And peeved no end. New clothes, same end.
The path to destruction remains true at even this generation of civilisation. And nothing. Not the hope of a girl Nor the promise of a boy Can push. this. back.
© tracy j h 10:07:2013

B is for Ten Percent [part of the lords series]

I said: I will take it. I will carry the curse. I will bear the despair and burden that now sits at my station… My nation…. This thing I call a life.
I thought it would be fair To discard care And face the music alone. Dance with worn feet than access The Throne that has heard me cry havoc Many times before.
And to what end? I will cry again.
I am neither God nor a god. To go into their treasures does not come without consequence. Open arms or downward thumb. The price is taxing and none is exempt. Yet I said: I will bear it. I will bear it. I… will bear it all! Yes, hubrisdoes come before the fall But the fault was mine. This hell was my design.
So I bend my back to the flames. Let the games… commence. I absolved their sin… so I can pay for mine.
24:07:12 Tracy j H
#lordoftheyoundgods A lord bears his decisions.

B is for Gasparillo [part of the lords series]

--> She leaves with a thanks And I, with a wonder: How many gods have I dabbled in thus far? No permanent connection. No manifestation of who I am Or who they are Or that I know who they are because I know who I am. Was. Am Was. Something so. But if I can’t quell the confusion within me What hope is there in the revelation of divinity. Let her sleep. Let her lie. Say nothing to the gods in front your eye. This is her stop. Thanks she says. Off to reveal her nature to a human. And I wonder… how many gods have I left in the care of another?
© tracy j h 10:07:2013
#lordsoftheyounggods There are times a lord wonders.... his mind wanders... how many gods have you left behind. how many lives could you be living? COULD'VE been living. If multiple realities exist; if the ideal of string theory is alive... how many strands of yourself are living the life The Primary You should be living?

B is for lord of honour

Some I call lord Some I call master A priest that I know, he calls me high father
Woe is me! Catastrophe! The concept of a monotheist thinking differently Seemingly ignorantly...
But when will we learn that Lending honour to those who’s worth it Does not mean your soul’s is in forfeit
Even better, your soul ascends faster. For you have given them a title to strive after A lord. A master. A keeper of gods. A common whose path is blessed by The Capital God
So greet each other as nobles Lords and Masters gathered round the table Tilt you head and look up to the different ones. More than just stars, the product of a thousand suns. A thousand sons would kill to be like you… or even me
So when I see you, I’ll acknowledge your terrestrial royalty. My lord. Young master. Greetings you, from this, the high father.

b is for The Good People [part of the lord series]

I thought… “What is the point anymore; pounding on Heaven’s door?” When it opens wide You don’t walk inside Afraid of what’s in store “You’re not dressed properly!” Is that what Heaven said? No That’s what the people behind me say, emphatically “You’re not wearing shoes.” But who are you to deny me my right to sleep in golden light? But it’s all for naught The words of humans damaged more than I first thought.
Yes, I possess no shoes But calloused feet tread paths the good people know little of And denim is more resilient than white robes Trapping dust Not that dark fabrics are any better in the presence of The Master … But I’m here Unless he says differently Yet these people look on queerly All eyes rise at this strange lord Whose presence distracts them from their TRUE Lord Funny, I never expected this in Heaven But what can you expect when it’s teeming with humans
©tracy j h 09:07:2013 #lordoftheyounggods A lord must by-pass the humans to get what he wants... what he needs.

B is for Lie Together [interlude two...]

Come with me. Let’s lie together. Your untruths and mine are similar. You’ve-got-issues. I’ve-got-issues. These-sheets-are-new. Let’s meet on common ground.
And who can judge us? Who will tell us that we were wrong to be wrong together? Wrong and strong forever. Hands clasped together. As we continue to lie together.
These tears, they pelt on the roof – stormy weather. And I don’t know just what to do – final answer. I go to sleep at night in white shirts, Stained with the blood of bull sh- NOT so loud! Feelings not allowing. Smile and wave and behave. You know the crowd. But... you know them too. You know they tend to story. And be quite contrary with their fingers still firmly placed in their ears To cancel out their fears But I’m done talking; at least tonight.

B is for Forgetful Jones [part of the lord series]

Some times it pulls you back. You forget you are a lord Forget you sway gods Forget the higher power Return, return to the mire And dance.
Look at the muck I’ve made! Look at the price I’ve paid! Look at the storm I have created! Look at the ego, unmitigated.
And it pulls you in. The sweet pleasure of sin Skin to skin and flesh rise to ego.
And it pulls you in. Like skin to skin Eyes roll back the deeper you go.
And it pulls you in. The comfort of familiar chaos Where ego is soothed and sated And wet tongues whet appetites And you could be like… “every body else” Exposing your nakedness to the universe you’re sent to manage. Searching for validation In the unholy benediction of the ego Skip a step back from lord to human To be an “every man” with an ego For you’ve forgotten that pleasure is to take you higher Not something to be associated with want and squalor

© tracy j h 03:04:2013
#lordoftheyounggods A lord... is a hard thing to be sometimes; dancing between a higher sense of being/self/purpose and a baseness …

B is for The Lonely Ones Interlude....

I call the lonely ones to my side.
“Let’s take a ride.
Let’s raise havoc. Let’s raise havoc.”
 I call the lonely ones to my side.
“Let’s take a ride.
Let’s raise havoc. Let’s raise havoc.”

In times of old, I walked alone.
Silent discovery.
Finding truths about me.
But now to my side, I call the masses
Who society passes.
The fringe sons of those fringe suns who say to me
They love your sons.

Lord look at me now.
I questioned How
But now
I question When,
When will they rise?
Tearing off the lies and raising havoc.

I call the lonely ones to my side.
“Let’s take a ride.
Let’s raise havoc. Let’s raise havoc.”
I call the lonely ones to my side.
“Let’s take a ride.
Let’s raise havoc. Let’s raise havoc.”

©tracy j h 03:07:2013
#lordoftheyounggods A lord gathers unto himself. he makes tracks in-between tracks.

B is for Knowing Nothing [part of the lord series]

The Lord knows a lord knows nothing. And that’s something For in his nothing he searches, he quests, he is not satisfied. And Lord knows… he’s not satisfied. But they will never know. He who whispers in the ear of the gods, Who wears the cloak of the ancient ones. Knows nothing.
But his nothing is enough to disturb his slumber. Like a pea under a princess, knowledge will not let him sleep But meets him at 2 am. “Hello my friend. Let’s talk.” Words spoken are sweeter than water And the fog clears And knowledge gives him a satchel, “Go, feed your people.” So a lord rushes back in the excitement of first light That they just might drink. DRINK! … This smells stink. It looks funny It’s not the water we know. It’s not… the same. Worst of all: “it nice. It very nice.” Before rushing to the same springs for safety. Maybe the fault is with me. Personal divinity is not to be. Drink their water and hush. After all, you know nothing.
©tracy j hutchings 03:07:2013
#lordoftheyounggods A lord must seek to know and when you know …