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B is for god fest

--> Christ in the mirror, Durga on the dash, Buddha in the player. Thomas couldn’t help but be impressed by the… religiosity of his taxi driver. And you needed it on this road; where demons swerve in and out lanes, pitchforks replaced by cell phones and manicured nails. The devil is truly in the details. But that’s okay. The gods were in the car. Thomas wondered how this process worked. Did they split responsibility? “Ok I’ll take the road up.” “Yes, I’ll take the road down.” “I’ll take the road less traveled.” Of course you would Buddha, of course. “Dis eh my car nah. I wukin’ it for somebody.” The driver said, shaking Thomas from his thoughts and making him an unwitting participant to an otherwise one-sided conversation  “When I come in ah does put pu meh lil um, icon an ting nah.” So the gods were by invitation only. Each man chauffeured his own deity. Thomas had once heard about carrying your own cross but this seemed too much..
Thomas pondered the merits of perhaps creatin…

B is For Confessions (of a Dickhead)

As the car sped violently down the highway, it hit him that he had lived in the land of the celibate for so long, he had forgotten that his penis had, well, a voice. And apparently opinions. This carnal revival left much to be desired. For while knowledge is considerable power, what actions lay waiting for him to take?

The truth lay in his hands. And with that truth, the responsibility to make penis feel like part of the family again.

Head Heart Feet and Soul. These no longer were the only instruments of light and right but so was he… or it. Yes, he was male, surely it must be too. It’s… His opinions on the matter assured this. No longer did the devil lay hidden in his pants to be crushed under foot (the very idea sent the now thoughtful master into shivers) but he… it… he had as much truth to say as the rest of the saints. “Saint”, a snicker rose from the master as the highway winds leapt up his face, patting him ever so gently on the head. A saint. Yes, Saint Phallus of The L’groi…

B is for Much Water

“And John was also baptizing in Aenon near Salim, because there was much water there…” St. John 3:23
Don’t envy. Neither in jest or in actuality…. Don’t envy. The world is still big enough to fit your dream.
The above chapter tells how both Jesus and St. John were baptizing in the same area. They could have done this because there was “much water”. As I read that it hit me that, as convoluted as the planet seems [and altogether hopeless some days], there is stil a place for you.
We don’t usually see it because we’re busy, rushing round like ants; trying to FIGHT our way into a space… even at the expense of others. Because THAT SPACE…. THAT SPACE YOU’RE OCCUPYING is exactly where I need to be. But it isn’t… actually. You need to be where you belong because there is still much water – the talent pool isn’t all filled up.
There is still a space for YOUR art. There is still a space for YOUR writing. There is still a space for YOUR music. There is [more than enough] space for you.
The E…