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B is for Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Mom - pulling the provolone from the sandwich: "STRING THEORY!"
Me looking at her and laughing.
Mom: What you think only you know about Science?
Happy Every Day, mothers.

Let's hear it for you
The Miracle Worker
Soul Shaper
Wisdom's daughter who grew into a mother.
This Lady of Perpetual Help.

Ma, help! The project's due.
Help! I can't find my shoe.
Like some kind of psychic,she knows where all things, to whom it belongs
And the condition in which it came...
The side kick's calm refrain: "thanks... mom."
Problem solved. Peace reigns.

She from the line of Eve
May not have had the chance to leave and cleave
And while some think her weaker
WE know better. A Mother.
Made stronger by her God whether or not Adam stood beside her.

A perpetual  help in times of chaos
Walks another mile so that you could take the bus.
Silencing storms is the norm
So we think being superhuman IS... THE NORM!
But even heroes get tired and the old gods fade
And it's only so much sh…