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B is for Lashlee Street

Sleep comes easy to the gods of lashlee street Easy But they refuse to touch it Till work is done Not for some misplaced sense of self Or due to technical difficulties beyond the control of humans But because they want to Work. At it This thing that swishes against each cheek Like layers of red wine They work at everything. Because perfection is not in themselves but what they do… Thanatos understood and left them… Till they were ready for bed
October 26th, 2010gods of Lashlee Street Three Text Maximum © tracy j h

B is for Adam & Eventful

We walked away from humanity that day  In hopes of something grander  So I  Called her god  And she  Said the same  And often she called aloud my name.  Vain imaginings ran the course And the leaves of the food that took us higher  Now clothed us in remorse.  “Poor Adam”  “Poor Eve”  Poor knowledge sent away till our children woke up.  As us.  And gods were born to them.  Vain imaginings… 
December 17, 2010  Adam & Eventful  Three Text Maximum  © tracy j h

B is for Small Thoughts

Gratitude: We search for it. We yearn to receive it. But how many of us actually give it?
Godtick:  I have become the Godtick. I stay close. Under His skin. Call me a parasite. Call me a pain. Maybe. But... buried under His skin. I find... nutrients. And a glow. Maybe I let go now. Nah, I much prefer my host.
15 Minutes: He pushes past. Past the yelling cars and the train wreck of screaming people. He sees the clouds. And the faintest scent of water tells him to walk... faster! Lord, he says. Lord! Just give me 15 minutes to get home. You know what happens when rain touches my skin. Still, the scent of rain grew closer. He runs. Faster. Dodging the first drop. And the third. And the fifth. And in 7 1/2 minutes he is inside. Just before hell was doused by the deluge. Why God. I asked for 15, he says panting. And yet, as you pushed yourself, came the reply, you realised... all you needed... was seven. Go change your clothes.

B is for Agreeable

When did this happen? When did i give up being a bad ass to become... agreeable? When did it happen? At what point did i think that it was alright to circumvent my authority in favor of a truce? I used to be powerful. I was told of a Kindergarten Don who, upon walking in, children older than him would run and take his bag and his coat. And if they acted stupid... he pummeled them. Now he nods and smiles at their collective assery [not actual word]. When did this happen? I was told of a boy who sat down and explained to his grandmother why her behavior was unbecoming; who spoke to his uncle in clear uninhibited tones. Now when he speaks, he feels like two words are not formed together in unison. Brain moves faster than mouth he says. In reality there are two logics at work: a). he thinks, "what's the point? these fools are loud and think they know. they wouldn't hear anyways." or b). "there is a soul in there, let's figure out what they're REALLY trying …