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B is for We Three [part of the lords series]

We adapt to take over the cosmos. We three kings: Arthos, Aramis and Porthos. The best word in your tongue was musketeer But honestly, we never cared for it. Still, we were mindful of your accent And thus adapted in an attempt to save you from this descent. Of conscience. Much good that that did us To this day you humans STILL fear us. What a waste! What a lie! Have me questioning who on earth am I When I was the great power of three Not in a god-sense… Several times I told you, that is not me. But the number does bring this comfort. In a maddening age ripe with discomfort. So you turn and now call us heroes One strong woman with rope straddling two bros. You forget that we were the Magi All your hopes were reflected in OUR eyes. You forget, we had power Fought for king, country and honour. We got lost in the fire of witches But not even voldermort could try and quench this. For we are who we are, waiting for you to look above. We three kings: faith hope and love.

©28:06:2013 tracy j h
#lordoftheyounggods A lord…

B is for Demons [part of the lord series]

Truth is, it WAS in brightest day That the lie came down my way. Crept down the walls Moved over my bed frame And came to rest on my chest. Pulling away the layers to get to the saline core A pool left behind and thought emptied But the lie knew better.
Anansi had no tongue like this lie. This guy could rationalise death Speak the world of murder Knew where the bodies were buried And had a plan to keep me fed That is… as long as I kept him fed.
One day I got the nerve to say “ENOUGH! Die Already!” Stretched my hand deep inside my chest And started to pull And pull And pull And OW! H… how? The lie had made itself comfy; spreading itself all over me.
To pull one meant pulling tendon and vein. All was a labour in vain. My body grew profane and I grew sick. Sick of the lie. Sick of its presence; a curse with a bow on its head. But… how did it know? How did it know there was saline in my heart? A part… most hidden. Decorated with crosses and perfumed. Sealed over with white shirts. How did it know? Could this lie been …

B is for the love of she [part of the lord series]

I have seen god at early morning. I’ve seen her trying to adjust her eyes to a lord’s chariot. He with his Doubles… Breakfast of the new gods. Mine led the way first though.
It’s not blasphemy. Not if you knew she and me Or the possibility OF she and me.
Misguided worship? You wouldn’t say that if you knew the world within her. Or what she created… Before the mischievous imp caught my eye. It was good.
I miss the old gods. The new gods don’t want this kind of worship.
I’ll be better after the grapes let drop their blood. And sleep comes.
tracy j hutchings ©18:06:13
#lordoftheyounggods a lord is at his happiest when he is within the arms of a young god. that is... if the Highest Heaven accedes to his request... and he knows what to do when it is approved.

B is for Disavowed [part of the lord series]

I remember when I disavowed (human) Troubling thing since of course I was (human) Thought of my mistakes and yes they were (human) Thought of my limits and without a doubt (human) … …
I remembered when I disavowed (can’t) Wanted to draw but of course, well I (can’t) Thought about rapping but you know that I (can’t) Should’ve taken her to the room… (can’t) … …
I remembered when I realized it was the same (Human) and (can’t), they were all in a frame One is an excuse The other keeps you tame Same song, same hymn, same refrain.
.... ... ...
I can’t be human. But can’t doesn’t exist. Which means I COULD be human 
But why be… everyone? You can be “only human” if you want to But I’ll accept terrestrial or mortal – thank you. Until the word is reclaimed by those who claim to be more Yet flounder in the gene pool of mice.
© tracy j hutchings 18:06:13

B is for lord of the young gods

(when did I, when did I) become the lord of the young gods (the lord of the young gods). (when did I, when did I) become the lord of the young gods (the lord of the young gods).
Here’s the difference between me and the Saviour. I need a saviour, He came to save ya. … But their intelligence was sorely missing And now before I hit three and three I have to grow new bodies.
My disciples? They’re an eyeful. Hot young minds, brash tongues with intellectual PROWESS. In the right light you might say “goddess” But the lady doth protest and her brother is completely numb. So I come, with a new thought. New thought New way New jokes Same old consequences. The crowd claps and thanks the Lord while I sigh “Lord. Aye, Lord…” (when did I, when did I) become the lord of the young gods (the lord of the young gods). (when did I, when did I) become the lord of the young gods (the lord of the young gods).
The earth applauds the spark in the eye But in the same breath, they rush to terrify. I know. You thought I’d say the oth…