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B is for Public Service Announcement

We interrupt this blog for a Public Service Announcement by a Ouditt.

Emancipate yourself from biological slavery. None but ourCELLS can free our minds.

B is for Fontastic!

i love webdings... it looks like "legible" fonts so i used it but then it did this...
and that... which is GOOD... because people gone say at times that they can't understand me...
fonts... oh how they see into your soul...

B is for Gnaw [rough]

gnaw. noir. gnaw.

to lie with a god
one must not lie to a god.
there's a curse to being honest
to lay bare all of you
to all of you.
to let fall the cast lots
if only
to be thrown
into the cold blue
a big fish awaits...

the shadow passes and cold sweat rises
like the dew of hell.

the mirror was right
you should've never kissed
if you weren't willing to tell
of your truth.
'cause truth be told, how can you lie with a god...
if you stilllie to a god.

B is for Tease...

one day i took a t-shirt
and did a video
the end result will be forthcoming...

B is for Tabula...

just call me tabula. i have erased my face to create a new. i am... what i have yet to decide upon. this is not a mask. this is a blank slate. the future face... the future face will be determined. but for now, just call me... tabula

B is for Prose (again...)

(seek part 01 seek part 02seek part 03)

exposed. i wrapped my arms round her frame pulling tightly to me all the imaginings i imagined. and as i did, a cold wind shot through my back. for i was exposed. i kept her warm. body to buddy. i drank in the scent of her hair, i filled my lungs with her skin... but the sin of my mind would remind me later that while i may have covered her i lay exposed. who shields the "shielder", from elements... water and fire... tears and desire... or is it a willing sacrifice he makes for ALL HER sake? sleeping exposed while she's wrapped in warmth. - 14:03:09 © tjh [sometimes i ponder the virtue of falling in love or lust or infatuation or whatever the heck we call it]

they don't look to the stars. they rather swim in dirt not realising they were taken OUT of there for a reason. humans... content to laze around but never want. want but never need. want but never act! that's why when we do, they clap and applaud and bite their teeth wit…

B is for What? Prose? Really?

(c tracywrite... c tracywrite more)

salt stains the sea with white and this face with lines. a trail that leads from broken hearts straight up throats and then -because they are stifled by lips - travels further up and sits on the edge of The Window waiting to commit suicide... jumping off the ledge and unto the face. it leaves only salt behind. evidence of endless questioning. evidence of a sharp tongue, a doubled edge hand or worse, a double minded mind, conscious only when conscience is appeased. but look! over there! do you see? another one... falling to its death as it crushes its body on a cheek bone. only the salt remains. like the sea. permanently stained. - 02:02:09 ©tjh

songs, words, phrases rush through my mind. are there truth to them? is there truth in them? words, songs, phrases rush through my mind. are there truth to them? is there truth in them?
or are they illusions? vain musings of a child who wouldn't take "no" for an answer yet couldn't live with th…

B is for Prose! ACK!

(wanna see part one? go here)

when you are ready, i will possess you. until that day, i will just hold you. i will stop the floods lest you drown until that day comes... until that day comes when you have fully learned to swim and are ready to dive, to dive into me. we are from forever; made somewhere in eternity so... what's a few days more till you come to me? when you are ready i will possess you. the weight will be worth it. - 26:12:08 © tjh

the reversal has inevitably come to pass. the first has become the last. the beggar, no more on his hind legs go. the couture of man is stripped of me... my righteousness is a filthy rag. she no longer needs his affection, while he screams for hers. giving her flowery words to smell, a fragrance from a long dead garden that he himself failed to tend. - :12:08 © tjh

so now what? at your request i stripped myself bare of all my "iniquities" and insecurities and stood naked in the cold waiting, hoping that you would soon cover me with …

B is for Prose (on a Blue Background)

long before gods were born to the sons of men i was. and you were. and we played. played in the waters that would be called seas; played in the ground that would be called land; played in the darkness that would be called night. and we made our bed out of sky and covered ourselves with clouds... and kisses. what happened? what? who? what bewitched us so that tears tears fall like thunderstorms and erode the earth we so desperately tried to nurture? when did this relation ship sink to the bottom of the ocean and we became... Just Human? - 24:12:08 © tjh

hot and bothered. the desert is hot and bothered by the creeping sound of rain that promises to drench it with its sweat. fulfillment. and yet...not. for the sound of sweet sweaty rain, no matter how far, cannot quench the hot and bothered desert. come quickly to me. come quickly. - 24:12:08 © tjh [i know why i wrote this, however the "WHY" i wrote this... is lost to me. C-]

pores raise like the Himalayas. wrapped under a Christ…

B is for Perfection

(do not click this - it is merely a screen grab. if you would like to see THE ACTUAL performance then click on THIS LINK... and ting)

last sunday i had the pleasure of being a guest performer and one of the judges for a... talent... showcase in church (more on The Church HERE). it was good to perform. besides - i thought- if i can dedicate my time to other important things (like Erotic Art Week for example - full report later) surely i can take some time out for The Church that helped me grow.

like i said earlier - i was also a judge or rather... a commentator. and i had already determined that i was going to be Simon Cowell. but that was hard, because as i sat down to each perfromance i started to realise two things.
A. "We are getting irritated"
B. ""Why am i feeling so smug? IS this smug or maybe it's just irritability?"

why was i so irritable? i mean the idea was to SHOWCASE FUTURE talents. there was still a lot of molding and grooming to be had but... …

B is for Fleetwood Mac

This morning I said to God - "show me how to let go of everybody. friends, aggravations, the girl [chuckle], et al". The answer [seemed to come from]: Fleetwood Mac.

Thunder only happens when its raining
Players only love you when they're playing
Say... women... they will come and they will go
When the rain washes you clean... you'll know.

I wanted to cry. I felt like... it's over. it's finally over.

So here's to God, Mysterious Ways and Fleetwood Mac

B is for Mathematics

a man sleeps till 10:30 pmhe wakes and dilly-dallys till 1:51 am before returning to sleep.
his alarm rings at 4: 00 am and his transport will pick him up at 5:09 am.
given that (on a good day) it takes him approx 45 minutes to get to work
how mad (in percentages) will he be if he doesn't get his coffee?

Johnny likes three early twenties, one mid twenties and one late twenties.
two of them have boyfriends, while the other wants to be just friends...(right)
given the fact that Johnny likes to analyse every-single-thing-in-the-bloomin'-airspace....
how many days before he gives up and listens to Bjork instead?

in 1987, Barry watched two male muppets share a house.
in 1995, Barry watched two guys (He-Man and BOW) ride a colorful pony
with one of the characters in baby pink
if Barry was 12 in 1985, how long will it take him to realise he was gay?

there are 1.2 million people in a country
1/3 are trade unionist
1/8 are budding criminals
1/4 are good citizens who choose to do …

B is for Verb

I playing with the notion of "BOY" as a verb (and not just a noun).
what do you suppose that would be like? "BOY" as a doing or action word...

Imagine then the slightest thing would have to change to fully embrace this word.
we would have to STOP 2 [fully] Mbrace this word..."BOY" as VERB.

Hmmm... my brain lands on this thought -
"This is Tracy. He likes to BOY. See Tracy BOY. BOY TRACY BOY!"

B is for Intellectualism

In-tell-ect-ualism… is dead.
Killed by a marketer’s campaign
Buried by roving technology
Pictures uploaded on facebook.

Am I wrong to think that thinking is now obsolete?
Our lives are now complete – palm pilot for brain;
High speed for slow times and
In 30 seconds… just add water.

Three friends have tagged you in this note
No one [however] takes any note
That this note has traveled many times
Copy and paste your face to it

Creativity of course is dead
Long live “creativity”
Found at your nearest party
Artistes don’t even try to be witty
Such a pity
“I PITY THE FOOL!” – Sorry Mr. T
Can’t you see this is the new creativity?
Lies disguised as Art-form,
Still no one can see the form of this mindless fashion
Still – you CAN be a fan. Click here.
Add another application to the list of things your mind must juggle
Cause you must be a ten handed deity
Running round without a brain cell
For them to tell you what to do

SO BOO HOO! Intellectualism is dead!

B is for Tied (to nothingness)

particularly feel
like doing anything
anything at all for anyone at all

sigh, i need to shake this off
i want to be free from the borrowing and the asking
for everything - the fear of getting nothing or not nearly enough
and i need nearly enough
more that that really
i need
i need to be free...

Help me Lord to know what that means...