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B is for Alien Gear

IT’S OUT PEOPLE! Finally the Alien Gear clothing line is out and trust me when I say it LOOKS & FEELS good! And like that ad I hear on the radio, I too would tell everyone– “you should try it”. Alien gear is the brain child of Conrad Clarke – musician and well, designer – and let me tell you this has been a while coming. When I first heard that Conrad was coming out with the line I was super excited – but then I get excited at the drop of a hat. Then I actually SAW the tees and realized that my excitement was justified; for I had found something that I can wear no matter how my hair looked.
Now you may not understand, but because my barber doesn’t see me regularly and because my hair grows exponentially, I have to CONSTANTLY stand before my wardrobe in search of something that doesn’t make me look like I am a member of Al Chemist. You may laugh now… not I take public transport… every day…. trust. And also, as excited as I get by my friends ventures very few people will get me to e…

B is for Whatever

My mother’s back is hurting her again. Her spine is -as I call these things – a heights case (a running joke). I know of her fall. I know of the pinched nerve. I know that there is a possibility that there is serious inflammation going on in there. I also know that seeing her in pain reminds me once more of the little bitch I have grown to hate because she too has a back problem.
Four years yuh know… Four years I believed in that little twollop. All things really are relative – as in related.
THIS is the part where I’m to get down into fasting and seek an answer that will explain why we are in a perpetual stream of stress [“if it ain’t one thing, it’s another”]; THIS is the part where I say “the devil is a liar and I shall overcome because HIS rod and his staff comforts me” or “no weapon formed against us shall prosper…” and all the affirmations I can think off… but... no. I feel nothing. Nothing good anyways. I’m angry. Anger is a feeling. I’m tired of seeing her in this never-ending pa…

B is for Every thing Dies (in the C'bean)

Every thing dies in the Caribbean
Desire drags itself along a murky trail. Ink stained papers fly high In the face of God’s heaven And hope cradles her bruised cranium. She abused Now shuddering… Now sputtering…
Vision’s eyes gouged out by an... 'unsharpened' pencil. No longer able to see sun and surf As if that was all he was
And the others? Malnourished And broken By parents who advertise their intents but differ on discipline.
“Help me,” they say, “before we too die… in the Caribbean”
Every Thing Dies In The Caribbean
05:18:2011 © Tracy j H

B is for Judgment Day

I remember an incident that happened when I was young...younger! Some preacher dude stood up and said that Christ was returning to Earth over that weekend. Now me being young and somewhat vile I got scared some. I remember sitting in church that Sunday, looking through the blocks to see if I saw the sky peeling apart. Not that that would matter because let’s face it… WHEN [not if] Christ DOES show up, the whole world will get more than a hint. Still… there I was… peeping through blocks.
Now I’m 29. I still believe that Jesus Christ will save us. He’s my Superman believe it or not [outside of.. Superman] but what really gets my goat is how people are still trying to force something to happen that isn’t meant to happen just yet.
And yes, I’m talking to you May 22nd people. You self. Every time I think today’s the day I can defend Theism or… something…. Some thing like this happens. You know what I know? I know that in the same Bible they claim to be reading from three things are noticed
1. …

B is for The White Side

a few years ago, in another time (McCann) i asked my friends "what were you in a past life?": the girl said she was a warrior the boy said he was mata hari and i [being me] said i was a blonde white girl to which came the reply "and you still are, clearly". I miss Rhonda.
a few months ago, while writing my project AFRICANT [©], i incorporated these lines from a friend, "Before I die right, I have to do something White/Like skydiving or bungi jumping… or something else.../Start a Business"
this morning i decided it was time to embrace my white side... fully. this revelation came to me some time after midnight as i looked at the artwork for a project i have under way. i'm always writing and plotting. but not for a while have i executed a project [imagine, i had the chance to read poetry over a popular reggae beat YEARS AGO by a well known producer... and i passed... like ah ass]. i hadn't published since 2004, i hadn't performed since 2008 [outside m…