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B is for Comfort = Fear

Last night (Sunday) while taking a shower, I began to engage my imaginary audience (they’re quite the captive brood) with my personal theories including the concept of born gay (nature) as opposed to becoming gay (nurture). NatGeo was showing their “in the womb” specials again. The ones where I’m reminded that we share a great deal of our genes with fruit flies, chimpanzees and daisies (or was that daffodils?) As a theorist, I tend to believe that maybe people are born with these traits as much as everything else. Spiritual people will not agree because they believe gay is a foul spirit roaming the earth trying to destroy God’s plan. Or else, they may tell you of Generational Curses – things that pass down from one family member to another. For example: if granddad died at 50 and dad died at 51 it’s possible the child may die around the same age bracket. Science will tell you that this is because a history of heart disease is prevalent in that family among other things and that’s why …