Tuesday, May 26, 2009

B is for Reality (?)

recently (ok, today) i returned from the land of Vacation.
vacation was nice. it lasted a week and a day.
i fasted, i read a book (a whole book) and i watched Samurai Jack.

I will do this again but for two weeks this time.

this morning i stepped out of Vacation
and returned to a place called Reality

reality is defined as loud noises and weird looking people playing strange music like Movado (she back it up on me!)

nargh! why toto why! i know i can't stay in Kansas but couldn't we transplant some of the air...
at least

still i trod on through the familiar lands of Reality where bills are present and a paycheck is still forthcoming... and various clients want the world and a cupcake too.
i'm complaining - Lord i'm sorry...

B is [indeed] for Reality.
but whose?
hence the question mark

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