Wednesday, May 26, 2010

B in Future Traditions

I was sitting down listening to Norah Jones’ “Come Away with Me” and I began to think about future traditions. I thought… I want to sway with someone. Sway with my lover. To this music. More than that, I want that when we had an argument (and we’d have those because she’d be stubborn and I’d be pig headed (iChuckle)) we would never go to bed angry. We’d pop open a lover’s CD like this one and just sway. We may be as mad as hell but we would sway because we would never want to go to bed angry.

And our children would know this. And they would never allow their partners to go to bed angry either because… well, because they would know better. They would sway. They would know it was better to sway. That’s the kind of man I want to be. Moreover, that’s the kind of tradition I’d like to pass on. Future Traditions. What's Yours?


  1. one of my future traditions is: my alien yung wud kno that they're not of this earth and they wud teach their children likewise, moreover, they wud kno that I love them not bcuz i provide for them, but bcuz i hug them. ↓go deep↓

  2. lol oh yeh there's gonna b a whole "Coming of Alien" ceremony for them as well.

  3. (at the above comments) um.....oookaaaaay.... yall are so... YOU future tradition, i would tell my partner (and children etc) that i love them, but i will tell them this at the moment when we are angriest at eachother etc because i believe that thats the time when ppl need to know and understand the most that being upset doesnt mean that you no longer love someone