Friday, February 13, 2009

B is for Valentine Pt 03

She doesn’t need that. But I feel she doesn’t see her own… goddess material and to be honest, I kind of not in the mood to teach. I had to work out my own insecurities and why I couldn’t tell her one of my truths and such [I think I really was afraid for a while] but after I did I found I still was in Purgatory. Bjork is right “it’s not meant to be a struggle uphill… [undo]”.

And to be fair, there was a friend of mine in a galaxy far, far away who for a good while represented the prototype of what I wanted. She’s bright, competitive, can hold her own and yes… she is… descended from the East Indies…. Chuckle.

The point to this diatribe? There is no point to this diatribe.

But I wonder why is it so hard to find somebody on lives on your eye level. Who swims in the clouds like you do? I know a girl who was deathly appalled that I wear pink or the fact that I make mad noises – hey… you know… I do my own ads sometimes so these mad voices work!

I still believe that women do want love – I think though, most of them need to love God and themselves first and us guys need to back the heck out of there so they can.

One said to be once that she was going back to church, I asked why and was told “so that I don’t come to you empty” and that was cool. (“awwww” – no eh! No!)
Not many guys would appreciate that statement but I do cause I know in what context she meant it (which is why, again I doh understand why things… )

On the flip though – you have the guys who get the girl who is from “that planet” and don’t have a clue how to treat them – how to work with them. Instead you’re trying to change her into your image and likeness. The last guy who did that did a wonderful job – YOU don’t need to recreate her. Stop.

Maybe I watch too many episodes of FRIENDS but love while IT IS complicated doesn’t have to be OVERLY complicated.

Wait a minute… it’s all coming clear to me now. I watch too much FRIENDS EPISODES! That’s the problem.

So faceboys… enjoy your Valentine’s Day tomorrow. And please – if you have something good don’t wait for the 14th to show it. If you’re not sure what you have – watch FRIENDS. And if you can’t stand what you have – pray. God helps.

Then watch the episode where Chandler breaks up with Janice on Valentine’s Day… it’s hilarious.

And I still say he was wrong about women….

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