Friday, February 13, 2009

B is for Valentine Pt 02

And it was cool to watch them. The Christian [Christian] girl proved that religious girls are in fact normal. Now – I grew up in church I should know this already but I tend to shudder at people whose sum total of their existence is…. Well… I’m sorry for judging.
Thing is, I know this girl. I grew up seeing her but – it never bothered me much until like maybe a year or so ago [you must understand, I live for She-Ra, Galaxy Rangers, Superman films and above all a good working pen and a clean notebook….and music!]

The other one likes Jesus Christ Superstar – The Film which I own and that was cool.
But the poet girl – I mean she was… she was like on my planet. AND THAT was good. And in some ways, restored to me the concept that, that which I was looking for was still out there. Well done you.

Poor thing. Little did she know she was starting to annoy me. I’m sorry. I am a bastard. But… you don’t enter my life like a whirlwind and then declare yourself a light breeze. It nah work. It…. It nah work.

I mean, to tell you the extent of how bad I feel – my friend and I just came up with a new character for my graphic novel piece. I am so excited I am 5. And that’s just writing. This girl was real…

And the heights part is that though I saw longevity with her, I started to feel like this was laboured. I kinda lazy. I know this. But as a writer I have scripted what my love life is to be and even if the Director decides to change a few scenes the general storyboard for the film needs to be a certain way. Random film terms.

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