Tuesday, July 14, 2009

B is for Mathematics

a man sleeps till 10:30 pm
he wakes and dilly-dallys till 1:51 am before returning to sleep.
his alarm rings at 4: 00 am and his transport will pick him up at 5:09 am.

given that (on a good day) it takes him approx 45 minutes to get to work
how mad (in percentages) will he be if he doesn't get his coffee?

Johnny likes three girls.
one early twenties, one mid twenties and one late twenties.
two of them have boyfriends, while the other wants to be just friends...(right)
given the fact that Johnny likes to analyse every-single-thing-in-the-bloomin'-airspace....
how many days before he gives up and listens to Bjork instead?

in 1987, Barry watched two male muppets share a house.

in 1995, Barry watched two guys (He-Man and BOW) ride a colorful pony
with one of the characters in baby pink

if Barry was 12 in 1985, how long will it take him to realise he was gay?

there are 1.2 million people in a country

1/3 are trade unionist

1/8 are budding criminals
1/4 are good citizens who choose to do nothing!

given the above figure, how many (percentages please) believe that Democracy is over-rated?

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