Tuesday, July 21, 2009

B is for Prose! ACK!

(wanna see part one? go here)

when you are ready, i will possess you. until that day, i will just hold you. i will stop the floods lest you drown until that day comes... until that day comes when you have fully learned to swim and are ready to dive, to dive into me. we are from forever; made somewhere in eternity so... what's a few days more till you come to me? when you are ready i will possess you. the weight will be worth it. - 26:12:08 © tjh

the reversal has inevitably come to pass. the first has become the last. the beggar, no more on his hind legs go. the couture of man is stripped of me... my righteousness is a filthy rag. she no longer needs his affection, while he screams for hers. giving her flowery words to smell, a fragrance from a long dead garden that he himself failed to tend. - :12:08 © tjh

so now what? at your request i stripped myself bare of all my "iniquities" and insecurities and stood naked in the cold waiting, hoping that you would soon cover me with your truth. it's so cold out here. i grow cold out here! reality bites... my feet. feet that would've gladly run to where you are - shelter. i rub my chest in hopes that rage will keep me warm, but no matter. i'm dying out here of hypothermia - stripped of my insecurities, waiting, waiting for the warmth of your truth. - 27:12:08 © tjh

black smoke rises as i, devoid of energy, burn down. asses to ashes. dust to dusk. this old flame i cradled from youth quickly grew into a fine rage that threatened to destroy MY YOUTH. i saw the error of my ways as i stood dazed by the colours of a destructive habit... orange. red. black... rising higher and higher up to heaven. the one place i wanted to go but settled for india instead. burn my youth. burn a forest clear. till nothingness survives and all that is left is not a mythic bird of thought but a seedling, a shrub, a something to start again. - :12:08 © tjh

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