Monday, August 3, 2009

B is for Catharsis

last year, i had this thought. i always get thoughts. thoughts that tell me do things. now whether it makes sense to do/continue those things is usually up to the fear in me. but i am slowly shaking off the dust and washing myself clean of it. one of those things was The Catharsis Experiment. i started the Experiment on Faceboys for two reasons:
1. Because EAP is not for me... and

2. People need to know that they can truly be honest without fear of reprisal. or maybe fear OR reprisal. speaking of fear, Mr. Christopher Cozier has this amazingly cool book on the Draconian Switch site called "FEAR" - download it HERE

my friend
Rodell Warner did this wicked logo for me and here is the intro done with exit shots that he took, Photo Booth frames, Final Cut Pro and Thievery Corporation's "Indra" [got to love them]. i have 84 members - could be more if i update the project more often because i keep getting this messages from people saying thank u and looking-forward-to-more and such... we'll see where the experiment goes.

(Rodell's logo)

(tracy's intro)

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