Tuesday, August 25, 2009

B is for Converse and Cream

quite randomly (i think like a month/month and a half ago) i wrote this - if for no other reason than because i could... and since blogger or the internet connection here sucks right now, here (now) is that thought. pax.

she wears protection/in/colours and styles that you would understand/if you would just stand next to her/and shut up/keep your mouths closed/keep your mouths closed.../and your nose open/understand?/cause she bathe you know?/she real bathe/cleansed herself of it/and anointed her own skin/with sweet scents/a lotion that sinks deep into your pores/though she slathered it on top of hers.../and she do her hair you know?/it rests on her face not to hide tears/but to tickle her cheek bones/this hair of hers that just smells so good!

enough of that!

but she smoking though/and is your lungs that getting the smoke...
and is your lungs filling up with the air/and is your eyes that getting foggy/when Converse start walking/and Cream start rising/and you know what?/i going and stop/lest i say "GIRL!"/so i will stop/but....

look fine...
looking fine

fresh, just bathe and lotioned/which is not a word/but the scent have me acting absurb
© tjh 2009


  1. Tracy...is this about who I think it is? :]

  2. it could very well be who you think it is if you're thinking about who i'm thinking about. i think so. i think you're thinking about who i'm thinking about. but i'm not thinking about her like the way u think i'm thinking about her. are you thinking that i'm thinking about her in the way i'm thinking you're thinking about her? i think. (what am i thinking here...? jeez)