Friday, August 28, 2009

B is for Five Words

(Poetry? I do not know.)

Earth Explodes without a whisper.

Do things to do things.

Chaos kisses me. I like.

Blank is my mind (again).

Big words, lost to me.

This pen to my wrist.

Slivers of Jello cover me.

What shatters is not glass.

Poetry dies. Write a novel.

Rescue and you will breathe.

Sharp waters cut no fish.

Would they judge me if...

Fell the phone. Message, stays.

Fell the phone. Speak now.

Fell the phone. Mediocrity ends.

I am deaf. Speak softly.


  1. I love writing that is creative and makes me think.

  2. one tries from time to time :-)

    have a good one cheery. pax.