Monday, August 10, 2009

B is for Friends & Allies (a video)

i don't know... maybe it's something - maybe it's not but i thought about this part of this weekend and... well here's the end result.


tracy j h


  1. I'm the over sensitive type...and I avoid friendship, in the orthodox sense, like the plague. It takes no effort to avoid, I just feel that mistrust of most humans turning into panic and so on an so forth...hence, I'm pretty much alone.

    I can't get that people define themselves by what their friends think of them. They think they're good people because a friend says so, Facebook says so, coworkers say so...I just don't get it...perhaps it's because I have no friends and take the adage "Man, Know thyself." to heart.

    So, I as I told you once, I have 400 Facebook friends, none of them real.

    I have allies though...they cool like dat :]

  2. i keep sayin....

    it's like i said, i'm blessed to have a few friends that i can call allies but i really do believe that if it came down to it - i'll take allies.

    i got to say, i understand the whole - mistrust-turning-into-panic. it's not good for me but after all this time... it becomes common place.

    i think i have 200+ "friends" on facebook... joy. more fun for the entire family. [chuckles]