Tuesday, August 4, 2009

B is for Loving Boys

90's boy love - Joey n Chandler....
a moment of randomness between Catharsis videos

There are boys I love. And they love me. And we’re open about it. Just last Saturday I got a text message from one of those boys who said “I love you too man” in response to something I said. My boys are artists, artistes, atheists, and agirl (who is in fact one of the boys so hence the addition to the category) fathers, brothers and high school musicals (Jed and Umar will get that one – lol). We share ideas, music, random nothingness and Brent Worthington . We approve, reprove and listen to each other. I think the girl that I end up with must in fact be like the boys I love. Good looks aside… please… have some substance. One of my boys is appalled that I watched Gossip Girl (if you’re going to bash it… know what it is first) and has for this [and other minor reasons] jokingly labeled me a homosexual. But he who looks like Miley Cyrus with rainbow bandanas should not talk [chuckles]. I love my boys. They’re super creative and intelligent. They made me laugh in high school. They made sense. They MAKE sense. The whole lot of them. And like I said at the top, we’re more or less open about it. and the thing is.. there’s no need to Butchify the loveness with sixteen secret hand gestures and a deep, deep male accent. For crying out loud, some of my boys cry at Japanese Anime [ok, now really… you would cry too if you watched Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop]. We just… real. I don’t have to end my statements with “not in a gay way” – I mean really what’s that? Fail. Yes. Boys love boys. Stop Butchifying the loveness*

God only knows WHY THIS SHOT was taken - cause its fuzzy to me...

*"Butchify" the act of taking something otherwise pure and/or good and conforming it to an uber masculine imperative in order to be accepted by any one society.

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