Friday, August 7, 2009

B is for Mischievous Chameleons

A young human asked me – is the chameleon mischievous?
I thought about it… and thought about it some more.
Not being a scientist I decided to act like a philosopher. ACT being the imperative. I postulated (and promulgated) that yes, the chameleon WAS in fact mischievous. In order to achieve its goals, it employs cunning… stealth. It masks its true form to catch prey (and hide from predators of course but still…).

It is a tricky little thing. Playing mind games with its surroundings. Is it a branch or something more? Who knows. Certainly not its prey. The chameleon is mischievous.


Then I thought, the chameleon is NOT mischievous. It is merely following its nature. This is how it was wired. It was designed [designed] to be stealthy and mix with the environment under a guise. To be mischievous, to be excited, to be happy even is a behavioral stance guided by (for the most part) choice.

The child CHOOSES to be mischievous because he believes it will bring a desired effect.
He reasons, that he will get his own way.
Choice and Reason. Traits WE possess.

The chameleon (as far as I know) HAS nor HAD such predisposition to these thoughts. Thus, I cannot say he is mischievous if he is merely following his biological imperative. He is stealthy because he needs to be. Thus be his wiring. Thus he be.

And then I thought….
Jeez, Tracy!
Stop humanizing the creature. It is what it is because God intended.
The End!



  1. lol. wat a thing...wat a thing...

  2. i'd say.
    thoughts. available in all sizes.