Monday, August 24, 2009

B is for Vision

this morning i was thinking about fairy tales. jack and the beanstalk in particular. and the one thing that hits me is... beware of people with no vision. perhaps faith or hope too. jack's mother, concerned with their present situation throws the beans out of the window and punishes him for being gullible. when in reality, jack was a visionary. he believed that these beans IN HIS HANDS (what do you have in your hand?) held magical properties. he saw in his mind's eye the potential for greatness. i imagine, it wasn't until the gold started coming did his mother (his family) believe. and maybe jack was naive but sometimes holding all the answers is the key to our downfall (i can't believe i just said that). a little open-minded-ness please with a shot of faith...

1 comment:

  1. it amazes me to think that at times we may all think like jack's mother, when we our selves are holding those 'magic beans' in our goodness... i feel like that right now...thanks trace <3 ! i think i really needed that... :)