Wednesday, August 5, 2009

B is for The Wanting

feet defy commands
and castrates itself
so knees can bend to her will.

tongues surge forward
despite lips' rebuke
desperate to find...
desperate to find...
a truth
hidden beneath shards of clothing

i find myself, here
locked in a longing
a wanting that is
skin tight but not... skin deep

i find myself here
soul, bare
before naked eyes
that find me out
and re-writes my truth...
and re-writes my truth.

she rains over me.
i open my mouth
to be drenched in dew
so powerful is this longing for you

we exchange numbers
4 eyes
2 tongues
1 breath

we say prayers
mine for knowledge
hers for satis... faction
the answer comes in rhythm

we clasp our hands
bow our heads
and listen to our hearts
hoping that tonight's moral
lingers even tomorrow

i am drenched in dew
so powerful is this longing for you.

© tracy j hutchings

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