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B is Alive

“Are you alive?” – the Cylon agent asked the human
“Yes.” The man muttered
“Prove it.” – she said then proceeded to kiss him
(before the whole space station blew up to well… kingdom come)

BattleStar Galactica reference

Now to our story.

I’m sitting in the bus heading home and suddenly (and without warning –
I just love saying that) I am struck with a new thought. ALIVE.

The word “Alive” means (According to MacBook) living, not dead, continuing in existence, alert and active; animated – these are good things yes?

However, if you break down the word into two parts – “a” and “live” suddenly (and with-… you get the idea) you get this wondrous concept. Or wacky depending on how u see it.

The letter “A” in Greek means NOT. So for example if things seem unorthodox, seem to not be going typical it’s considered atypical or NOT TYPICAL! If you do not believe in any god doctrine (being Theist) then you are considered atheist or NOT THEIST!
“A” is a powerful word.

Now let’s look at “live”. The word “live” (According to MacBook) means be alive (living) at a specified time, it also means to have an exciting or fulfilling life or supply oneself with the means of subsistence – all true. All good.
But “live” also means right now or the present as in “We go live (right now) to the depressing football game being played at the National Stadium! May God have mercy on our souls!

So (and this is the point where I almost fell off the planet!) to be a-live must mean BY ALL DEFINITIONS to be:
1. NOT living at this specific time
2. NOT having an exciting or fulfilling life
3. NOT able to supply oneself with the means of subsistence
4. NOT in the present or in the right now.

So when we sing and dance about being alive… we’re saying we’re NOT living.


Ha ha! Alive! A-live…

I love theories….



  1. you obviously think A-LOT... *wink* lol

  2. steups, stupid humans and their stupid languages! i just wrote(typed[perhaps i shud banish the word "write" and its other forms from my vocab]) a note letting off some thoughts. the title of the piece iz "ALONELINESS" and so u can imagine wat the bit iz about.

    now i com along here (my escape-my blog away from home) trying 2 escape my current thoughts and i learn that my piece iz practically null and void. steups, now it's anti-wat~i~meant. chups! i shud hav read this last month. nevertheless, it iz fortunate that most ppl don't kno about this "A" scene (is it fortunate?) so my bit shud still bite (rather, byte. since i'm now bionic, i may as well use more computer-oriented terms in the stead of biological(the fleshies) terms.

    type → write
    bite → byte
    hmmm.... human → ahuman (formerly unhuman)

  3. i am led to the alphabet NOTbcdefgh...?


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