Monday, September 7, 2009

B is for First Weekend

Re: The Text Project (that's...what i called it)

resolve is a glorious thing.
of course the lack of it is also a glorious thing too.

i decided to NOT send any unnecessary texts
NOT call anyone more than i have to. truly.
of course having said that, SUDDENLY i remembered that i had a world of things to tell people!
i must call so-and-so about this
i must text so-and-so because THIS IS JUST TOO GREAT!
i must. i must. i must. but i didn't.

not even when a strange number appeared on saturday saying "so y u switch off on me"
not even when one of my dear friends sent me a text complementing one of my pieces.

it's funny though . it's like saying "i'm going on a diet" and suddenly you realise "dam, i need chocolates." or saying "i'm going on a fast" and suddenly [and without warning] you...crave food.

i realised that all the things that I MUST say, that I MUST share... could wait.
could wait till monday (at the office)
could wait till i log on facebook (at the office)
it.. could wait.

the only texts i sent off this weekend was to a client who first sent me a message
and to a designer friend who's doing flyers for a poetry event.
and that was it.

i don't know what the end of this exercise, this Text Project will be but i feel like i'm on to something.
i shall keep u posted in between other relevant material.


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  1. lol well i am glad to see that you are seeing some sort of relevance to this exercise...i cant wait to hear the end to this wonderful story!