Wednesday, September 2, 2009

B is for god-ishness (first session)

Prelude: for some reason, the internet here [where i am] is mucking around. thus no audio commentaries for a while. still, i can write. and i will continue to record. when the situation is fixed, there will be... more. in the mean time, enjoy a something from my 'Lord-send-me-a-goddess' phase. pax

oh to lie on the belly of ah god
and listen as the world turns inside her
so many issues,
to read through
so many stories,
to climb
till you get there -
to this and that point
where all you can do is lay your head on the belly
of this woman
this good-thing
this god-ish thing
this supreme imperfection
and listen to wisdom churn away
mid way - mid section - mid session
between the lips of judgment
and the feet that embrace... dancing
oh! i wish i was there
to cast my cares on the belly
of this pseudo god-thing
this supreme imperfection
who intuitively knows what i know long before i knew what i knew
oh to lie down on the belly of ah god
and sleep... even as the world turns inside her.

tracy j h

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