Tuesday, September 1, 2009

B is for Obeah and Science

through a sequence of conversations on sunday, my mother and i ended up on obeah. now for those of you who don't know obeah is ... well ... think of it as pan african witchcraft. potent crap. anyways, i started to think of all the ingredients and rituals, people use to practice their dark ways and the most horrid thing started to happen. i began to break it down... with science.

with science you say?
but first, some ingredients/rituals...

1. bush bath (a bush bath is either when somebody gets special bushes whacked all over them or a bunch of bushes you ingest to get rid of the evil eye. for the sake of this exercise i choose the more violent option)
1. red lavender solution
1. x amount of salt (the exact amount is... unknown)
1. x amount of lemon
1. dose of pee

note - this is not the actual mix for a spell or anything, but rather a few items attributed with the workings of obeah. and now for the science of it.

1. bush bath - this treatment shocks the pores open.
1. red lavender solution - lavender has a calming effect (like chamomille)
1. x amount of salt - salt ionises and heals wounds and such
1. dose of pee - pee has urea compounds in it
1. x amount of lemon - citric acid and a boost of vitamin C

interestingly enough, urea, lime and citric acid are all found in QUIX - which is a dishwahing liquid distributed in Trinidad & Tobago.

thus ends the atrocious dialogue. good night.

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  1. hahaha roflmao my word! this is such an eye opener lol oh shux i cant stop laughing!