Wednesday, September 2, 2009

B is for Phone (rough)

not really one or the other. actually written on phone as with most of my work [ad wise or not] then transferred to paper.

i shouldn't have taken that call...

do you remember that sunday?
the one when we were young and all we craved were each other?
when we thought we were gods?
i don't no about you but i wanted to have heroes with you.
a whole pantheon
pre.... conceived... ideas wrapped in a kiss
held together by two arms that loved you.
you remember that sunday?
cause... i do.
and i think to myself, i should not have answered that phone.

months go by.
conversations become constricted.
tit plays on tat and i could see us becoming....
i fought against it
i hoped against it
but every time we finished this crackle
i think to myself, i should not have answered the phone.

hello? (voice triggers memory betraying resolve)
i... put all this aside.
i think... "one day we could get back to the god hood"
but the past seemed too heavy for us.

i should change my number
to 5 or 7 or 3

i hear a ringing in my head.
will not pick up.
i really should not answer that phone.
should i?

the person you're trying to reach had a
i'm still hung up on you

© tracy j h 2009

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  1. somethign about this tugging at my heart strings and making me want to cry...